Wednesday, November 18, 2015

GoFundMe | Rant

Out of boredom I was scrolling through just now, to see if there were any causes I could donate to. I typed in my zip code to get some local results because usually those get much less attention then the nationwide news story fundraisers and I have to say I'm utterly repulsed at some of these things people are asking money for.

One second I see a fund for someone who needs help with rent and food and very little of the projected amount of money they wanted has been donated so far. Then, I see some punk college student who literally started a fund so he could buy a video game...

First of all, he's a college student so he should be working as well as going to school, (and don't say that isn't possible, I used to work 40 hours a week & go to school full time & maintained a 4.0 GPA), second, a video game is NOT a necessity under any circumstances. He only asked for $70 and it's not as much as say, someones medical bills or funeral expenses may be, and I understand that a lot of GoFundMe has to do with how much you use social media, (more bs), BUT there are people out there with serious things going on in their lives. 

There was also more than one fund set up for people to take recreational vactions. "Molly needs $5,000 so she could probably go to Italy and get drunk with her friends for a week but she's going to claim it's because she wants to experience another culture", (not an actual fund but it might as well be). Once again, traveling recreationally is NOT a necessity. (Unless it's a "bucket list" sort of thing for a person with a short amount of time left to live). I would love to travel and being someone who is 21 and pays ALL of their own bills and has been for almost 5 years, it's not something that I can even picture doing in the near future. Maybe in a few years when I start a career and such, but I'm not going to sit there and beg strangers for money for an African safari when I can't afford one myself. I find stuff like this extremely ridiculous. Go get a second job to fund your travels or to buy your toys. Try not going out on a Saturday night, or try to eat all of your meals at home instead of going out, then maybe you can reward yourself with a nice vacation or something.

I just think it's a selfish thing to do, to post about something stupid and have it appear below someone who just had their son die and can't afford for funeral services and such. We need to start focusing on helping people who really need our help. Whether it be an illness or death in the family, a possible foreclosure, bills that someone needs help paying, or a cause someone is trying to raise money to donate to, even if you don't know who this person is, if you have the money help. If you see someone post a GoFundMe fund and you happen to click on it and donate, why don't you also look at the local feed and see if there's anyone else you can help out. Also people, think twice when you post ridiculous things on a site like that because not only does it anger people like me, but I'm sure people who are going through real traumas don't appreciate it either.

End Rant.

Let me know in the comments what you think. Whether you agree with me or not, let me know. I'm always down for a debate!


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