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Make up is amazing. It can be used to make people more confident in themselves by hiding whatever flaws they believe they have or it can be used as an artistic form of self-expression. Make up has tons of benefits, and it can be used in a thousand different ways.
The only problem with make up is it can be so darn expensive. Some products that work amazing have a high price tag and even when you buy cheaper items, there's just so many different, beautiful colors and interesting products that you just end up buying them all.
But, alas, I am here to help you save money on make up, even if its just a few bucks.

Here's a list of some ways to save money on make up, so you don't have to give up on feeling like the beautiful person you are!

1. Check Out Dollar Stores

I've actually found some pretty amazing items at Dollar Tree before. I've scored e.l.f brushes, Essie nail polishes, and some Milani products at the dollar store. Dollar Tree also sells L.A. Colors brand. I love their liquid eyeliner and they have tons of cute nail polish colors. And the best part is everything is $1, never more. I've paid a dollar for products that you'd buy in the drugstore for around $8. Just be careful with purchasing make up products at Dollar Tree, they may be expired. It's also a very hit or miss deal. What some people might find in their store, you may not and expect some stores to sell out of these items quickly, being that it's such a great deal.
You can also check out other dollar chain stores. The Family Dollar store in my neighborhood sells some CoverGirl products for less than what I'd pay at the drugstore.

2. Check Out The Drugstore & Use Coupons

If you're into high end products but your paycheck isn't, you might want to look into finding drugstore brand dupes. Youtube Beauty Gurus post videos about amazing dupes all the time which can be used for reference. Sometimes you'll even find a drugstore product you like more than the high end one you've been using.
Another great thing about drugstores is you can use coupons and they're always running sales. Plus, many offer points systems, (ex. CVS ExtraBucks), that can be used as money you can use on future purchases.

3. Sign Up for Rewards Cards at Beauty Stores

I'm a Sephora VIB member, and the perks are great. Every purchase you make accumulates points into your account. Once you've earned enough points you can exchange them for deluxe samples. Sephora also has member-only sales and free samples.
Ulta has a rewards program as well, which basically does the same thing. If you're going to be buying a lot of make up, you might as well get rewarded for doing it.

4. Check Out Discount Websites

There are a few websites that offer extremely affordable make up products. You can check out Amazon and even Ebay too, which sometimes have better deals. ShopMissA is a website where everything is $1. You can find some e.l.f products and L.A. Colors, as well as some other lesser known brands. It's a great place to shop if you're looking for products to try out or to stock up on some favorites.

5. Use Every Last Bit

I can't begin to tell you how many times I've chucked a liquid foundation that still had two days worth of product inside because it was going to be "too hard to get out". You can actually use a Q-Tip to get some of it out, they also sell little tools to get the most out of your foundation bottle. (Check out the picture below to see how much product I was able to get out of an old foundation bottle). 
But remember, make up does expire! Each item has an amount of time that item is safe to use for once opened.Using expired make up can cause some problems for your face and eyes, so don't use that last bit of mascara you opened up a year ago, that you should probably just trash. If you're interested in finding out more about how long you should keep a product for you can check it out here

6. Look For Free Samples 

There are websites designated to only free samples, which include make up. Just do some research first so you don't get spammed or scammed. Many stores also have samples too. Samples are great because you can try something out without having to spend money on it. PinchMe is a great site for free samples. If you have any form of social media you may also be able to try out Influenster which sends you free samples that you review on any platform.

*BONUS* If you're looking for another way to save money on make up or anything for that matter, you can try out a few survey sites. In exchange for taking some time to answer some questions you can be rewarded with gift cards. My favorite is Swagbucks. I'm going to do a review on it tomorrow for my Worth It Wednesday post so keep an eye out for that. But for now you can check out the site by clicking on this link. http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/wokkstarr7 [author's note: this IS a referral link]

Let me know what you think of these ways to save money on make up. Have you tried them out for yourself? Did they work? What types of money saving tips do you have? Feel free to share them in the comments.
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