| REVIEW! |Revlon ColorStay Foundation & Pressed Powder

Hey everyone! I'm so happy to be back from my week off from writing. Once again, I'm sorry I didn't post at all last week. I was super busy with my job and I just needed to take a short break. Thanks for understanding!


Today I'm going to be reviewing the Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Pressed Powder. This isn't a new product at the drugstore but I had never used it before and I told you in my CVS Drugstore Makeup Haul post that I would give you guys a review on what I think of it after I give it a try. I've been using it on and off for the past two weeks and I can finally give an honest review on it. 

Let's get into this review!

My skin type ranges from combination to oily depending on the time of year and the weather and such. It's not all over oily just mainly my T-zone but it's been really hard for me lately to find a foundation that stays for an entire work day, (8 hours or more). I usually have to reapply some powder to make myself look less oily after about 6 hours. While in CVS I had a coupon for Revlon Cosmetics and they were doing a buy one get one 50% off sale on all Revlon so I decided to try out their foundation. I wouldn't usually buy a foundation that costs almost $15 for everyday wear just because for me, that's pretty expensive. I usually spend $8 on foundation and about $6-7 on a pressed powder. The Revlon Colorstay pressed powder is usually almost $12, (I got it for $6 with my coupons and the sale), which is also kind of expensive. I had pretty high expectations for these two products already just because of the price.

The foundation has a pump which is awesome because you can have more control over how much product comes out. I hate when I accidentally pour out too much because that's just a waste, so this was definitely a plus. This foundation is also build able to full coverage, it goes on very smoothly, and it blends out nicely. The only downside is it definitely oxidizes on the skin, after a little while it turns to a more orange color. It boasts that it will last 24 hours but that sounds like an exaggeration to me. It does however, last very long. I can wear it all day at work and not have to retouch it once.
This foundation comes in 18 shades and comes in 2 different skin types; normal/dry and combination/oily. (I use combination/oily.)

The pressed powder is actually one of my favorite pressed powders now. It matches the foundation shade perfectly and it goes on very smoothly. It also doesn't look cakey, it just gives a very natural finish. It actually tones down the orange from the foundation a little bit. 
This pressed powder also lasts a full work day for me.
It comes in 6 shades including a translucent finishing powder.

All in all I actually really like the foundation and the pressed powder. I'm happy they worked on my skin because finding a great foundation and powder that doesn't wear off after a few hours is hard for me. I won't be purchasing them as my regular drugstore foundation products just because they're a little more expensive than some other great drugstore foundations but if they were on sale or something like that I will definitely be buying them again!

Just remember, what works for me might not work for you. Everyone is different and that's whats so great about makeup, it caters it everyone's needs and preferences. 

Thanks for reading this review on the Revlon Colorstay Foundation and Pressed Powder. Below you will find my official review system, and the final score for these products. I will also leave links to these products so you can try them out for yourself if you want. Don't forget to leave me a comment below and let me know what you think of these products. Did it work for you? Did you hate it? Let me know! Remember to follow me on Bloglovin to see more reviews like this!

Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation (Combination/Oily) & Revlon Colorstay Pressed Powder

Points based system, each is worth 10 points for a total of 100 points.

- Coverage (Did it cover blemishes with one application?): 10/10
- Color (Was it true to color? Did it match skin tone?): 7/10 [points deducted because this product oxidizes after a few minutes]
- Price (Was it too expensive? Was it cheap & good quality?): 7/10
- Durability (Does it last long? Will it hold up to sweaty situations, ex: exercise?): 10/10
- Ease of Use (Is it easy to use? Are the steps simple? Can anyone do it?): 10/10
- Duration of Application (Is the application time short?): 10/10
- Skin Sensitivity (Is it good for sensitive skin? Or does it cause breakouts, rashes, or does it burn?): 9/10 [It didn't cause me to break out at all]
- Pigmentation (Is the color bright? Does it show up well?): 8/10
- Smell (Does it smell bad? Good?): 10/10
- Overall satisfaction with this product (Recommend to a friend?): 7/10
Total Score: 88/100. 88%!

Thanks for reading! 
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| DOLLAR STORE HAUL | Dollar Tree & Family Dollar Makeup Haul

I had to go to the dollar store the other day because I needed to get some gift wrap and things for goody bags and the dollar store is obviously the best place for that. Why buy a $5 gift bag when you can get one for $1? 
But the dollar store is also an awesome place to get beauty products sometimes. I always find name brand items for $1.
I went to two dollar stores this weekend. First I went to Dollar Tree where everything is $1, never more. I also went to the Family Dollar store in my neighborhood. At Family Dollar not everything is a dollar but you can usually find things there for much less than you would at the grocery or drug store. However, everything I did get at Family Dollar this weekend was only $1, so this is pretty much an "everything's $1 haul"! I'll indicate for you which store I got each item, that way if you're interested in anything, you know where to go.
Here's everything I got, enjoy! 

- E.L.F Smudge Pot in Ain't That Sweet [Dollar Tree]
I've heard so many good things about this product, I finally decided to give it a try. They had other colors too, but they were really dark and I figured I'd use this one more since it can easily be used for a natural look. I'll let you know what I think of it and if I love it you know I'll be back at the dollar store to buy all of them.

- L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black [Dollar Tree]
I had to pick this up because it's one of my favorite eyeliners ever. Every time I go to Dollar Tree I grab one because they're always good to have lying around. 

- Wet n Wild Smoky Liner Brush [Dollar Tree]
This is one of the Wet n Wild brushes that have the white handle and the pink bristles, it's literally so pretty. The brush also has an ergonomic handle, (a little indent for your finger), to help with control. I've never used any of the Wet n Wild brushes, so I can't wait to give this a try. 

- L.A. Colors 3 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sunflower [Dollar Tree]
I actually saw someone on YouTube use this palette once and it looked extremely pigmented and I really wanted to give it a try myself. I swatched the colors and they do look really nice, they're all really smooth and pretty. I love the shimmery gold and the middle color is like a shimmery burnt orange.  I just have to try it on my actual eyelid to see if its good or not. They had other palettes like this one too but I thought I would get more use out of this one specifically since the colors are more on the natural spectrum.

- Essie Sleek Stick Nail Stickers in A to Zebra [Dollar Tree]
A while back I got some of these Essie nail stickers from the dollar store and they're alright. They're not as good as the Sally Hansen ones, they don't stay on as long. But I do love using these when I need something on my nails but I'm too lazy to actually paint them. They go on easy and usually last me at least 4 days and for a dollar, why not?

- Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Single in Creme Brulee [Dollar Tree]
This is the perfect color for all over the eyelid, it's a matte nude eyeshadow. I swatched it and it's pretty good. Plus, it's only $1. I go through these nude colors so fast so paying $1 for one is amazing.

- L.A. Colors Contour Sticks [Family Dollar]
I'm really not sure what a $1 contour stick is going to do, if it will even work, but I couldn't pass on buying all four shades they had. I figured I'd try them all. I swatched them when I got home and they're very creamy and pretty I just don't know what they'll look like on my face and if they'll blend or not. When I try these out I will post a review to let you know if they're any good. Imagine how great it would be to be able to contour your whole face for $4? 
1. Bronzer
2. Medium to Contour
3. Highlighter
4. Light to Brighten

- L.A. Colors Pencil Sharpener [Family Dollar]
So this one doesn't really need an explanation, its just a pencil eyeliner sharpener. I actually needed it because I just bought a nude eyeliner pencil and I need something to sharpen it. I already have a sharpener but I use it for my black eyeliner pencils and you know how these things get all smudgy. Not trying to get black all over my nude.

- L.A. Colors Single Nail Polish [Dollar Tree & Family Dollar]
I picked up two of these at Dollar Tree. I love these nail polishes they work great, they're always only $1, and they have so many fun and pretty colors to choose from. The Gel one I bought at Family Dollar for $1.50. And look out for a mass review on drugstore Gel nail polishes coming soon!

1. Gel Polish in Flirt
2. Regular Polish in Mountain Hideaway
3. Regular Polish in Flicker

- L.A. Colors Nail Duets [Family Dollar]
I've never seen these before but I got two of these because I couldn't decide which one I liked more. They each come with a regular polish and a glitter to go over it. The white one looks like a cupcake with sprinkles and the blue reminds me of Frozen. Just so you know, they are extremely small but they are really cute. I paid $1 for each.
1. Love & Hate
2. Peace & Quiet

- Wet N Wild Bonus Packs [Dollar Tree]
When I saw these in Dollar Tree I got so excited. Two nail polishes for the price of one? They even had lipstick and nail polish packs, I only got one because I wasn't really feeling the lipstick shades. I picked up three in total. They had so many. Let me know if you see these in your store! This is a crazy amazing deal!
1. Megalast Nail Polish in Pixie Trail
2. Megalast Nail Polish in Lean and Green
3. Megalast Nail Polish in Black Light Party
4. Megalast Nail Polish in Just Picked
5. Silk Finish Lipstick in Light Berry Frost
6. Wild Shine Nail Polish in Dreamy Poppy (This was literally the first nail polish color I ever bought myself over 10 years ago!)
** Just be careful when buying these packs. Some of the polishes in the packs looked like they were old, the colors were separating and such. Just look carefully before purchasing. I made sure all the ones I bought still looked good.**

That's everything I got in this haul! I hope you enjoyed. I think I made out pretty well.
Let me know if you hauled anything amazing at the dollar store recently!

I'm thinking about doing a nail polish collection post, since I just have so many! Let me know if you think I should!

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| WORTH IT WEDNESDAY | Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer!

Summer is almost here, which means its time to get your tan on! Unfortunately, spending a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen isn't recommended because of the risk of skin cancer and tanning beds aren't a safe idea either because of the huge exposure to UV rays. So, how's a girl to get that beautiful, glowing skin everyone wants? That's where self-tanners come into play. 
There is a large variety of brands and types to choose from. Some work instantly, some are more gradual. Some wash off at the end of the day, others last for a few. For this week's WORTH IT WEDNESDAY I'm going to be talking about Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer, and I'm going to let you know if its worth it or not!


Jergens Natural Glow is supposed to be used as your everyday moisturizer and over the course of a couple of days you will begin to see your skin develop a natural tan. They offer two different skin-tone types. One for fair to medium, one for medium to dark. You're supposed to just put it on like a lotion, allow it to dry for a few minutes before dressing, and wash your hands immediately after. Using the product daily, it's supposed to gradually darken your skin, but its supposed to look natural too. 

So do this actually work?

It does! I've actually been using this stuff for almost 6 years and I love it! It's my go to for this time of year where it's time to start wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses but I haven't had the chance to get any sun yet. It always looks natural, never orange, and it's really easy to use.
It's also super affordable. Most drugstores carry it for about $10. I've seen other products that do the same thing with a price tag that's more than double what this costs.

So...is this product worth it? 

Absolutely! For just $10 and a few days you can have a beautiful, natural tan without having to go out in the sun. It's easier than spray tans and cheaper. It's safer than getting into a tanning bed, and it's probably the cheapest self tanning lotion you can find. 
The only con is that you need to be careful and patient when using it to avoid getting streaky skin. You want to make sure you cover yourself evenly, so that might take some time. For me, the total application process takes about 10-15 minutes. 
Also keep in mind that this product may not be for you if you're looking for an immediate or over-night tan. It takes a few days for color to show up and if you need a tan for an event and you're planning to use this, you should start applying a week in advance. 
Another thing to remember is, that if you stop using this product, your color will fade in a few days. If you want to maintain your color, you need to use it every single day.
I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who's looking to get an easy, natural tan within a week.

Some Helpful Hints:

- Use an exfoliating body wash before putting this product on. Just like your face, you always want to exfoliate before moisturizing. It will help to prevent the product from becoming streaky on your skin and allow for an even application.

- This product goes on the skin clear, so pay attention to how much and where you're applying it to avoid streaks and to avoid making some areas darker than others.

- Don't use much on bony areas of your body such as your knees and ankles, the color will always look darker there.

- Wash your hands immediately after applying. You don't want to stain the palms of your hands or get any excess product on your body.

For prices and more information, check out the website here!

Let me know if you've tried this product before and what you think of it?
Do you think it's worth it?
What are some of your favorite self-tanning products?
Let me know in the comments!

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| TEACHING TUESDAY | Easy NO HEAT Overnight Waves!

I'm the type of person who can't stand wearing my hair the same way twice in a row. I have a desire to experiment with different styles. With some of my TEACHING TUESDAY posts hopefully I can show you some of my favorite go-to hairstyles, that are both super easy and cute!


One of my favorite hairstyles to do is this easy, no heat, overnight waves!
It adds just the right amount of texture to flat or pin-straight hair and it's so easy, anyone can do it!

I usually like to start off with day old hair. I feel like for me, the oils that are in my hair after not washing it makes it a little easier for the waves to hold, but everyone's different. You can also do it with clean hair, whatever works for you. Just make sure it's dry first!

Then, I separate my hair into sections. The smaller the section the smaller the waves are going to be. For this look, I usually separate my hair into 2 or 4 sections. 

Then I add in some curling product. You can use whatever product works for you. Don't add too much, you don't want to saturate your hair, just make it a little damp with the product. If you want, you can try leave-in conditioning cream. I use this one by Garnier Fructis and it actually holds the waves nicely. It also prevents my hair from getting stiff and it's easy to wash out when you wash it. I used it for this specific look.

For the front sections I french braid starting at my scalp so the waves look a little more natural. To french braid just start with a regular braid leaving a few strands out at each side, with each time you cross your hair grab a little from the section closest to it, then complete like a regular braid and secure with a hair tie. I like to use these ones because they don't leave a crease.
For the two sections in the back I just do a regular braid and secure with a hair tie. Make sure when you braid you're doing it tight, it will help form the wave.

Next, go to sleep! If you're not sleeping and looking to try this look out during the day, I would either keep the braids in for about 6 hours or use a flat iron and go over each braid a few times.

Then, you just take the braids out! You should have a nice little wave going on. You can fluff your hair around a little bit if you want to add a little more volume. After, fluffing and shaking my hair a little, I like to grab a few strands, twist, and add a beach spray like the Dream Waves Beach Spray by Marc Anthony. I also take a little and put it by my roots to add some more volume. 

You can either leave it as is, or style it however you want. There you have it. That's my easy, no heat, waves!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Let me know if this style worked for you, you can even post a photo of your finished look if you want!
Want more hair style tutorials let me know in the comments!

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| MAKE UP MONDAY | Top 10 Under $10 - EYES

Sometimes you come across a product that's affordable but also really amazing. That's what this list is all about. 

Here's 10 products for your eyes that are $10 & under!
As always, links and prices will be provided for each product listed.

Top 10 Under $10: Eyes

1. L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner: $1.00-$2.00 (depending where you buy it)

This is one of my favorite liquid eyeliners ever. It has a fine tip which gives you a very precise line and the application is very easy. It lasts all day too. The best part? You can usually find it for less than $2.00!

2. Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio in Walking On Eggshells: $2.99

I'm not too sure about any of the other Wet n Wild trios like this one, but this one specifically is crazy pigmented! Each one comes with 3 colors that you can use to create a look or you can use them separate with other shadows. They blend well, and the colors are so pretty. One of my favorite drugstore eye shadows ever. (The picture of this product shows the first shadow completely empty because I used it all. You can see what color it is by clicking on the link where the name is above, sorry!)

Most people either love this or hate this product. I love it! It makes my eyes look amazing. It gives your eyelashes plenty of volume and doesn't clump. Sometimes I look like I'm wearing falsies when I put this mascara on! The only problem I have is that its hard to get off my lashes, which I guess can be a good thing too. 

This eyeliner is awesome. Its easy to apply, and creates the perfect line. The applicator is super thin so if you want a thicker line, you have to go over it a few times but other than that this eyeliner is a must have for the beauty obsessed on a budget!

So this is supposed to be an under eye concealer and highlighter, but you can use it for anything else really. It hides dark circles pretty well and the highlighter is white so it really brightens the under eye area. Just be careful with the highlighter, don't apply too much, a little goes a long way! I actually love using this product as an eyelid primer too. It really makes your eye shadow pop and stay in place.

If you read my CVS Haul post, (linked HERE), you probably saw that I bought this the other day because I've heard so many people say how a nude eyeliner in the waterline makes your eyes pop. I have to say, it works! Putting a nude liner in your waterline makes your eyes look so much bigger. This eyeliner works amazing and it's only $0.99!

I bought these a few months back at the dollar store because I was throwing an 80's themed party and wanted to do a super fun make up look. These are amazing glitters. You can put it anywhere on your face and it stays all day or night. They're also really easy to apply.

8. E.L.F Eyeshadow Quad in Beautiful Browns: $2.00

I think there's a difference between the E.L.F products in the white packaging and in the black packaging. The white packaging is usually cheaper than the black, but I think the black is supposed to be higher quality. But anyways, look at the swatches of the colors in this quad! Besides the one matte shade, they are all crazy pigmented and for that price, no one should pass this up.

I bought this on a whim when I had a Sephora gift card once and I actually love it. I only have one, so I can't speak on behalf of the entire line but the one I have is really pigmented and soft. Its the perfect color if you're going for a natural look. These are definitely worth a try next time you're in Sephora. These eye shadow singles range in price from $5.00 to $10.00. 

This mascara rocks! It's actually one of my everyday makeup products when I'm going for a more relaxed and natural look. It isn't crazy dramatic but it gives your eyelashes a fuller look without making it look like you have too much on, and it never clumps on me.

Remember, what works for me won't necessarily work for you and vice-versa. Every body is different and if we weren't life would be pretty drag. 

I hope you enjoyed this list!

Have you tried any of these products?
Do you hate them or love them?
Do you have any favorite eye products under $10?
Let me know in the comments!

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