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I'm the type of person who can't stand wearing my hair the same way twice in a row. I have a desire to experiment with different styles. With some of my TEACHING TUESDAY posts hopefully I can show you some of my favorite go-to hairstyles, that are both super easy and cute!


One of my favorite hairstyles to do is this easy, no heat, overnight waves!
It adds just the right amount of texture to flat or pin-straight hair and it's so easy, anyone can do it!

I usually like to start off with day old hair. I feel like for me, the oils that are in my hair after not washing it makes it a little easier for the waves to hold, but everyone's different. You can also do it with clean hair, whatever works for you. Just make sure it's dry first!

Then, I separate my hair into sections. The smaller the section the smaller the waves are going to be. For this look, I usually separate my hair into 2 or 4 sections. 

Then I add in some curling product. You can use whatever product works for you. Don't add too much, you don't want to saturate your hair, just make it a little damp with the product. If you want, you can try leave-in conditioning cream. I use this one by Garnier Fructis and it actually holds the waves nicely. It also prevents my hair from getting stiff and it's easy to wash out when you wash it. I used it for this specific look.

For the front sections I french braid starting at my scalp so the waves look a little more natural. To french braid just start with a regular braid leaving a few strands out at each side, with each time you cross your hair grab a little from the section closest to it, then complete like a regular braid and secure with a hair tie. I like to use these ones because they don't leave a crease.
For the two sections in the back I just do a regular braid and secure with a hair tie. Make sure when you braid you're doing it tight, it will help form the wave.

Next, go to sleep! If you're not sleeping and looking to try this look out during the day, I would either keep the braids in for about 6 hours or use a flat iron and go over each braid a few times.

Then, you just take the braids out! You should have a nice little wave going on. You can fluff your hair around a little bit if you want to add a little more volume. After, fluffing and shaking my hair a little, I like to grab a few strands, twist, and add a beach spray like the Dream Waves Beach Spray by Marc Anthony. I also take a little and put it by my roots to add some more volume. 

You can either leave it as is, or style it however you want. There you have it. That's my easy, no heat, waves!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Let me know if this style worked for you, you can even post a photo of your finished look if you want!
Want more hair style tutorials let me know in the comments!

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