Tuesday, June 28, 2016

| TEACHING TUESDAY | Super Easy Flipped Side Ponytail! | No Heat Summer Hairstyle

Hey guys! For today's Teaching Tuesday I decided to show you a really easy but also super cute no heat summer hairstyle. I feel like I rarely use any heat on my hair during the summer because, well one, it's way too hot for me to even think about it and two, due to humidity I might end up with my hair becoming a giant frizz ball or just falling flat afterwards. 
This hairstyle is perfect for summer because it gets your hair off your face and off your neck. It's also one of my favorites because you can dress it down or up, it's very versatile. This hairstyle works on any hair length, although it's probably easier for medium to long hair.

Steps: Flipped Side Ponytail

1. Starting with dry hair, brush your hair making sure to get out any knots or tangles. Brush all of your hair to either your left or right side, whichever you prefer. I like using my right side!

2. Grab a hair tie. I like to use one that matches my hair color that way it's more "invisible", but you can use any kind. Secure the hair tie around your hair right under your chin, creating a side ponytail, wrap the hair tie around a few times making sure it's secure but not too tight. Do not tighten it.

3. Take the part of your hair above the ponytail and separate the sections of hair evenly, making a hole in your hair. Make sure the hole is large enough so that the ponytail will be able to go through.

4. Hold your ponytail up and out and start feeding the end of your ponytail into the hole until the whole ponytail has gone through. Now you should see that your ponytail has been flipped.

5. If you can still see the hole that your ponytail went through loosen your hair a little and play around with it until the hole disappears. From the front of your hair, you can pull a few strands out like you would any ponytail if you want. 

6. You don't have to do this step but if you want to make your ponytail a little neater you can hide your hair tie. Taking a small section of hair from your ponytail, wrap it around the hair tie and secure it underneath with a bobby pin.

Now you have a flipped side ponytail! 
This is a great hairstyle not only for summer, but also for school or work, it takes less than five minutes to do!

I hope you enjoyed my flipped side ponytail tutorial! Let me know in the comments if you tried this out and if you liked the hairstyle or not!

Thanks for reading!
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