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| THROWBACK THURSDAY | 5 Fashion Items From The Late 2000s

The late 2000's, (2006-2010) was such an important time for me when it comes to fashion and beauty. I was 12 in 2006 and that was the age I started to fall in love with makeup, shopping, and fashion in general. At this time I began to discover what I liked and didn't like, and my passion for all things "girly" truly emerged. I'm going to share with you some fashion trends from the late 2000's that I embraced at the time. All pictures are my own, I used my own pieces because I still had them lying around, I just can't bring myself to get rid of them!

Here's some of my favorite fashion trends from the late 2000's!

1. Velour Everything

If you didn't have at least one Juicy item in the 2000's, who exactly are you? Just kidding, but velour tracksuits were the biggest thing back in the day. Almost every girl in my middle and high school had one, or either the hoodie or sweats. I still currently have a pair of velour sweatpants, (they're from Old Navy, my Juicy sweatpants got a hole in them and the zipper broke off my sweatshirt). I like to wear them from time to time when I'm lounging at home, because they're just so dang comfy! 
Am I the only person who wants these to make a comeback? As much as I love fashion and dressing up, I think it would be pretty neat to be able to wear the comfiest sweatpants in the world out again!

2. Abercrombie & Fitch Graphic T-Shirts

This was a middle school wardrobe staple back in the day. Everyone wore these skin tight t-shirts with Abercrombie embroidered across the chest so that everyone knew your mom just spent $25 on the most basic shirt imaginable. The only one I still have is actually from Hollister and I wear it when I work out sometimes. Don't judge.

3. This Dress

I'm not really sure what this dress is even called, but I knew so many girls who had one just like it. It's a color-block type of dress but it has the cinched elastic waist, that kind of looks like those huge chunky belts everyone wore, (more on those later). I tried on my old one and thank god I used to wear this back when I was lacking in the chest area, it looks a lot more risque now.

4. Distressed Low-Rise Boot Cut Jeans

Bonus points if they fell really low on your hips. Every girl wore these, or tried to. I had trouble with these because I've had hips and a bigger backside basically since puberty so these would never stay on me. I would sit down and my underwear would always show. I usually wore a big shirt or a shirt that flowed with these because I was not going to pass on one of the biggest trends at the time. My mantra used to always be style > comfort. Also, the more distressed the better because, duh.

5. Large Belts

These big, chunky belts that were worn around the waist were a huge wardrobe staple in the 2000's. Kim Kardashian wore these a lot, like to events and stuff, because that was a thing. 
You would take a nice shirt and pop one of these on right at the thinnest part of your waist and that was the look. They were great for anyone with an hourglass figure because it accentuates the waist, but not so great for everyone else. They were also really uncomfortable when you sat down, you had this awkward belt on your stomach, but comfort clearly didn't matter much in the 2000's.

Well, that's some of the fashion trends from the late 2000's, obviously there's so much more but I didn't have direct access to any of them. (:
What are some of your favorite fashion trends/items from the 2000's?
Do you think there are any trends we should bring back?
Let me know in the comments!

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