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Everyone's contouring their face nowadays. Not only is it super popular but it's also a fairly easy way to highlight and define certain features of your face. Some contouring palettes can be expensive, like the one I mentioned in my Beauty Wishlist post, making it hard for beginners and people on a budget to get on this trend. Now, the other day at my local dollar store I found contour sticks for a $1 each, there were four different types, meaning $4 total. Imagine being able to contour your whole face for under $5? I couldn't pass up giving these a try. 
For this week's Worth It Wednesday, I'm going to be reviewing the L.A. Colors Contour Sticks. I hauled these a while ago in my Dollar Store Haul post and I said I was going to let you know what I think of them.So today I'm going to be letting you know everything you need to know about this product before you can decide for yourself if you want to try it or not. At the end I'll let you know if I think it's worth it or not! Enjoy!
Each of the L.A. Colors Contour Sticks costs $1. There are four in total in the collection; Light to Brighten, Medium to Contour, Highlighter, and Bronzer (I couldn't find a link for the bronzer stick, sorry!)

So do these actually work?

Some do, some don't, let me explain what I liked and disliked about each individual stick and then I'll review the line as a whole.

I was totally unimpressed with the Light to Brighten stick. The color was a little yellow, but worked alright on my skin tone, but others with very fair or very dark skin wouldn't be able to use it at all. The color is very specific and that sucks. It was also not very creamy. It was tough to put on, especially under my eyes where the skin is much thinner. It actually hurt me when I was trying to apply it there. You also have to use a good amount to develop a color and it was pretty hard to blend out. This one also faded the fastest, it barely lasted at all.

The Medium to Contour stick was the opposite. It was kind of a universal contour color, but once again wouldn't work on very dark skin tones unfortunately, but that's the only downside. It was really creamy and easy to blend and it turned out really nice. This one is my favorite out of the collection and the only one to actually last a good amount of time.

The Highlighter was alright. The color was gorgeous, which makes me sad that it didn't work out better. The stick isn't as creamy as it should be so you kind of have to draw multiple strokes in the same area to develop pigment, then blend it in a little, I liked using my fingers to do that. It's also a pretty weak highlighter, you only see it in direct light, it looks like you have nothing on unless you're shining a light directly on it about two inches from your face. I wish this worked better, because I love the color so much!

The Bronzer was great. I loved the color and it had just the right amount of shimmer in it, I hate super shimmery bronzers but I also hate super dull ones too. It blended nicely and lasted long too!

All in all the entire collection is alright. It's not great, but it's not the worst contouring products I've tried. this product worth it?

It depends. I think it's worth it for someone who is just starting out with makeup and doesn't feel comfortable spending a lot of money on something that takes practice, like contouring. I personally wouldn't want to spend $50 on a contouring palette just to waste it on practicing my technique. I'd rather play around with something cheap that I could care less if I wiped it off right after, I wouldn't feel like I'm wasting money that way.
It's also great for someone on a budget. Just because you don't have as much money to spend on makeup, doesn't mean you can't play around with contouring too. I would only recommend the Bronzer and the Medium to Contour sticks though, I was pretty disappointed in the other two. You can even find better drugstore highlighters and a good concealer to create your own contour collection.
If you're someone who's used to contouring with high-end products, this probably wouldn't be worth it to you. There are so many better products out there that are easier to use and way more pigmented. 

Unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with the L.A. Colors Contour Sticks overall. Two of the sticks are great, one is alright, and the other is horrible. I was excited to try them out because, being able to contour your whole face for under $5 sounded like a dream come true to any beauty lover on a budget but I guess it was just too good to be true. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review on the L.A. Color Contour Sticks. Let me know what you think in the comments! Have you ever tried any of these out? Did you like them or were you unimpressed like me? I would love to hear if these worked on anyone else or not!

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