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So many people are trying to make extra money these days, myself included. 
I'm always looking for extra work, trying to save, and even trying out different ways to earn money, (all legal of course). 
I always need extra money to feed my addiction to shopping for beauty and fashion products!
If you spend enough time on the internet, you're sure to see advertisements and promotions about how you can make money at home. Some promise extreme amounts of money at home for doing minimal work and others state that you'll make some money, but it might take a little while to stack up.
One way to earn money online is to take some surveys. There's thousands of sites to choose from, some better than others. For this weeks' WORTH IT WEDNESDAY I'm going to tell you a little about some of the sites I use, how to tell if a site is a scam, and whether survey sites are worth your time or not.


Before we begin, I'm just going to explain what the key premise of a survey site is. Basically, you sign up for an account that will ask for some personal information beyond your name and address. They'll ask for your race, ethnicity, annual income, job type, education, etc. This will allow them to narrow down surveys that you might get approved for based on what types of people the brand may be looking for. Then, you take a few surveys. Time range and topics vary as does approval rating. Taking these surveys usually accumulates some type of points that you then exchange for gift cards, merchandise, money through PayPal, etc.

Let's talk about two of my favorite survey sites!

1. Swagbucks

The tired and true, my all time favorite survey site, hands down! I've had an account since 2013 and I've gotten plenty of gift cards. Swagbucks is great because it's super simple to use, the layout is definitely more attractive than some of the other sites, and it has options other than surveys to earn points. You can play games, do tasks, sign up for free samples, etc. You can also earn points from shopping online! (Kind of like cashback).
They have a wide array of gift cards to choose from. Anything from Amazon to Nike. Most of the gift cards are EGift cards so they get sent directly to the email address you use with your account. Swagbucks also offers sweepstakes (Swagstakes) that allow you to be entered to win crazy things, like $1,000 worth of gift cards in exchange for some points.

Pros: Easy to use, Easy to gain points, fun and different ways to earn points, great selection of gift cards.
Cons: Approval rating for surveys can suck sometimes.

Check it out here!  [Author's note: This IS a referral link.]

2. Inbox Dollars

This site is a little different from Swagbucks. It has you earn money, so instead of points you see money add up, although usually a few cents at a time to a few dollars. You can still take surveys and do some sign-ups to earn money, but it also has a pretty interesting feature. You have an Inbox on the account and every day they send you messages. You get some change just for opening up the message and reading it. The messages also have things for you to complete and participate in to earn even more money! Inbox Dollars offers three options for what to do with the money you earn. You just ask for a payout, the minimum is $30.00, which you then can use for EGift cards to certain sites, a prepaid Visa card, or a mailed check. You can also enter into sweepstakes, with sweeps points you earn.

Pros: Various pay out options, the inbox feature guarantees you earn points even if you don't have time to go on often.
Cons: The layout is a little dated, payout takes a while.

Check it out here! [Author's note: This IS a referral link.]

Don't Get Scammed! 

There are certain things to look out for when looking for a good survey site. Believe it or not it's extremely easy to get scammed on the internet. Scammers are good at what they do, so its easy for them to scam even the smartest of people. Here are a few key things to keep an eye out for when trying to figure out if a site is trying to scam you or not:

1. Pay To Sign up

If a site is asking you to pay any money at sign up at all than it's most likely a scam. They'll promise you weekly payouts of hundreds to thousands of dollars but you first have to pay their low price of $46.78 or whatever crazy number they want. Don't believe them, they're just trying to steal your money. It's easy to think of it like some sort of an investment, but it's not, you always lose in this situation. There's never any reason to pay for a site that's supposed to help you earn money for free. Besides there's plenty of free survey sites to look into anyways.

2. Always Make Sure You See These Two Things Easily On Their Website

If a website that offers surveys for money is legit, it will most likely have an About Us page and a Privacy Policy page. But also make sure you can see the business information about this company clearly on the site. Scammers will hide this stuff because they don't want you knowing anything about their business. This is something not many people know to look out for, so remember it next time you're checking out a site.

3. Sign-Up Page Is Too Simple

When signing up for a survey site, they usually ask for a lot of information about you. They need this to help decide if the company giving the survey needs feedback from people like you. If you get to a site that only asks for your email address and name, it's most likely a scam.

4. Anything That Just Sounds Ridiculous

If you see an advertisement for a website that offers you to work from home doing surveys that promises you'll make upwards of hundreds of dollars a week, it's sadly a scam. There are work from home jobs on the internet that do pay well but they're usually legitimate jobs that require an education and intensive experience in that field. Using survey sites will not make you rich, and they will not allow you to quit your real job. They're for earning some extra spending money.

Some Things To Remember When Using Survey Sites:

1. They're Going To Ask You For Personal Information

Like I said earlier, legitimate survey sites will ask you loads of personal questions. These include but are not limited to; age, gender, race, ethnicity, annual income, how many people live in your house, what field you work in, if you're in school, your employment status, highest level of education completed, likes and dislikes, etc. Trusted survey sites won't use your information for anything other than survey use. If you want to know more check out their Privacy Policy page to see what they do with your personal information. If you're already uncomfortable giving away such information, survey sites may not be right for you.

2. You Might Have To Sign Up For A Lot Of Different Things

One of the ways to earn money on survey sites is to sign up for certain promotions. Some are free trials that require payment afterward from trusted businesses, others are just newsletters that get sent to your email address on file, there's so many different things you could sign up for. Try to only sign up for things you're actually interested in or if you're going to sign up for everything create an email specifically for your account so that when you do receive these newsletters and such that you signed up for they'll all be in one place and they won't spam your professional or personal email accounts. Also, if you're only interested in a free trial and not the continued service of a certain promotion make sure to write down when that trial ends so you can cancel your subscription before you get charged any money.

3. It Takes Patience

Not all companies that are running surveys want your opinion. They're all looking for a specific group and you might not get approved for every one that you try out. Just keep trying and you'll definitely get selected to participate in some.  

4. You Might Not Earn Much

This is the most important thing to keep in mind when using survey sites. They aren't meant for fast cash or high payouts, they're mainly good for extra spending money. I like to use my points around the holidays to help pay for gifts, or to use towards shopping for myself. Don't expect to make a living out of this!

So, Are Survey Sites Worth It?

It depends on who you are. If you have some free time, need something to entertain yourself with, and are interested in earning a few extra bucks a week, then yes it is worth it.
If you're looking for an online job and need money fast then this may not be for you. This is also something that requires plenty of patience since it takes a little while to make money and sometimes you end up filling out the same information about yourself over and over again. If patience is something you lack, this might also be something you should skip. 

I personally, love using Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars to help me get some extra money so I can do my favorite thing in the world, shop. So for me, yes this is worth it!

Pros of Survey Sites: Easy, free money. Exposes you to new and interesting products. You can play games and watch videos to earn money too.

Cons Of Survey Sites: Takes a little while to gain money/points. Plenty of boring sign up pages. Can get repetitive. 

Thanks for reading!
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