| TEACHING TUESDAY | 10 Beauty Tips & Tricks For Beginners!

Before you start your journey into the world of makeup, you might be a tad bit intimidated. With all the confusing words like, strobing and baking; thousands upon thousands of product choices; and the endless cycle of changing trends, it can be very hard to find a place to start. 
I've decided to make a list of my top 10 beauty tips and tricks that are perfect for beginners. These tips will help you avoid making common makeup mistakes and make the overall use of makeup a little bit easier for you.

1. Use concealer darker than your skin tone to hide pimples and imperfections.

This is a mistake I see so many people do, even professionals. When applying concealer to an unwanted pimple you always want to use a shade that's either one or two shades darker than your foundation or the same color as your foundation. Using a lighter shade will draw eyes to it more, and make a pimple appear more raised. When a darker shade is used it actually helps to hide it.
Think of it like highlighting. When you highlight your face, you're highlighting parts of your face you want light and eyes to be drawn to. Do you want eyes drawn to the pimple on your face? Probably not. 

2. Start your winged eyeliner off with the flick, not on your lid.

Anyone who has mastered winged eyeliner deserves a medal of some sorts. It takes extreme patience and concentration. When I first started attempting to do winged eyeliner I would always start on my lid and try to do the flick after. This never worked for me. I could never quite figure out where to put the flick and it always ended up looking chunky and uneven.
When I started doing the flick first, I found it was much easier to get an even and precise wing. You just draw your flick where you want it and then go back and line your lid. Simple as that.

3. Use cream/gel to outline your eyebrows only, use powder to fill them in.

I truly think mastering doing your eyebrows is another challenging thing to do in the world of makeup. It's hard to figure out what shape suites you best and it's very easy to make mistakes. 
When applying cream/gel, (like the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade), to your eyebrows you really only want to outline your eyebrows with it, not fill them in. When you fill them in with gel it makes your eyebrows look more boxy and unnatural. After outlining them you can fill them in with a powder for a much more natural finish.

4. Don't use a contour/bronzer that's too dark for your skin tone.

When using bronzer or a contouring powder you want to use a shade that's only one, maybe two shades darker than your foundation. Using a shade that's way too dark can make your face look muddy.
Remember to use a shade that's not too orange for your skin tone also. When your bronzer or contour looks too orange it won't look natural.

5. Apply powder with a light hand.

When applying any kind of powder product, (blush, bronzer, contour, highlighter, setting powder, etc.), you want to start off by using very little product and a light hand. Doing this insures you don't accidentally apply too much and if you didn't apply enough you can always build it up and add more until you get your desired look.

6. Match Your Foundation.

This one sounds pretty obvious, but I think everyone has been a victim of having foundation too light or too dark for their skin tone at least once. When matching your foundation, match it to your neck or chest. Those areas are closest to your face so you want to match it to them that way your foundation looks natural.
When you use a foundation too light or too dark for your skin tone, or even one that's too yellow or orange, you tend to look like you're wearing a mask instead of wearing makeup.

7. Use a concealer that's only one to two shades lighter than your foundation.

When using concealer under your eyes or to highlight other areas of your face, stick to one that's only one to two shades lighter than your foundation. You want to brighten up the area but you want it to look natural. When you use a concealer that's way too light it doesn't look natural and it can make you look a little like a ghost. 
The same goes for highlighter, don't use a highlight that's way too light for your skin.

8. Build up your foundation.

When applying foundation start off with a small amount first, put it on your face, and check if it's the right amount of coverage. If it isn't then go in with a little more to build it up. If you take a lot of foundation and just put it all over your face, you could end up putting too much on, causing your face to look a little cakey. This doesn't look natural at all.
Same goes for a pressed powder, a little goes a long way.

9. Don't over line your lips too much.

I personally don't over line my lips at all, but if you're looking to make your lips appear a little bigger than there's nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you're not over lining them too much. Just go a little over your lip too make them bigger and make sure you're applying your lipstick evenly.
When you try to make them too big, it just looks fake and unnatural.

10. When applying eyeshadow, use a transition shade.

A transition shade is just an eyeshadow you put in your crease before you put the color you want in your crease. Sounds a little silly but it makes a difference. When you take a transition shade, one that's usually a little lighter than your crease shade, and put it in your crease it tends to make things look a little more natural. It allows your crease shade to transition towards the shade in your brow bone area and prevents your eyeshadow from looking too cut.

I hope these 10 beauty tips and tricks help you when it comes to applying makeup.
Let me know in the comments below what tips and tricks you swear by! 

*Remember everyone is different and we all have different preferences and likes. If you do anything above that I told you not to do and you like it, continue to do it! I don't want to stop you from doing what makes you happy or tell anyone what to do. Makeup is a way for people to express themselves as well as a way to enhance your natural beauty.*

Thanks for reading!
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