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Hey guys! For the past few weeks I've been collecting drugstore gel nail polishes to start a weekly series type of thing. Every Wednesday for the next five weeks I'm going to be reviewing a different drugstore brand of no UV light required at home gel nail polish. 
I think it's so great that brands are coming out with at home gel nail polishes that don't require a UV light. You can save tons of money on gel manicures and you don't have to expose yourself to those harmful UV lights! 
I picked up five different gel nail polishes to try out. I'm going to paint my nails every Sunday with a different polish and keep each polish on for a week then, every Wednesday I'm going to let you know if it's worth it or not!

For the second week in my five week series I tried out the Bonita Gel On gel nail polish. This is a lesser known brand, I had no idea it existed until I found these get nail polishes on a display in Rite Aid. I checked out their website and you can purchase a whole bunch of beauty products from there, including nail polish, if you wish. It seems to be a very affordable drugstore brand. I'd like to try out some other products from Bonita in the future. 
Anyways, this gel nail polish costs $2.99 and is supposed to last up to seven days and have a very glossy finish. There are currently 18 shades on their website, linked here. The shade I picked was All Things Blue. It's also a one step gel polish, so you don't need to purchase or use a gel setting top coat. 

So does this actually work?

The application of this nail polish was super easy and the formula was perfect. It wasn't too thick or too thin. I used two coats and did not apply a top coat. The drying time was about 20 minutes which wasn't too bad and the finish was pretty nice. My nails were glossy, but not as glossy as they would be if I had gotten a gel manicure at a salon, but the color was super vibrant. 
This polish lasted a pretty long time. There were no chips until about the fifth day, which is great. The website says it's supposed to last seven days, and five out of seven isn't bad.
Removing this polish was a little annoying. I'm not sure if it was the formula or just the color I used, a super bright blue, but after removing with nail polish remover it left my nails stained a little.

So...is this product worth it?

I think so. For less than $3 you can have pretty close to a salon gel manicure at home. It isn't anywhere near as shiny as a salon gel manicure but it is easy to apply and it lasts basically seven days. Even if it doesn't work that well as a gel polish, it's still a great nail polish. The brand has a pretty decent color selection and it's super affordable. 
I was very impressed with this product and I personally would recommend this Bonita Gel on gel nail polish to anyone looking to try out an affordable gel polish.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried the Bonita Gel on gel nail polish or any beauty product from this brand! I haven't heard much about it, but I'd love to hear some opinions from those who have used some of these products.
Remember for the next few weeks every Wednesday I'm going to be reviewing five different gel nail polishes to let you know which one is the best and which one is worth it!

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