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Hey guys! For the past few weeks I've been collecting drugstore gel nail polishes to start a weekly series type of thing. Every Wednesday for the next five weeks I'm going to be reviewing a different drugstore brand of no UV light required at home gel nail polish. 
I think it's so great that brands are coming out with at home gel nail polishes that don't require a UV light. You can save tons of money on gel manicures and you don't have to expose yourself to those harmful UV lights! 
I picked up five different gel nail polishes to try out. I'm going to paint my nails every Sunday with a different polish and keep each polish on for a week then, every Wednesday I'm going to let you know if it's worth it or not!

For the first week I tried out the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy nail polish. This one is a two step product. First you pick out the color you want, which doubles as a base coat. Next, you buy the clear gel top coat. The top coat can actually be used with any nail polish but it does say it's recommended you use it with the Colorstay polish for best results. You can either buy these two separately for $5.99 each or together, which I did. For the two pack I paid $14.
The color I picked out was just a basic purple and it's gorgeous but they have 30 other colors to choose from as well. The back of the packaging says it's easy to remove and that the top coat delivers a glass-like shine that have superior strength. 
Gel manicures that use the UV light usually last close to two weeks and are super shiny, so I did go into this with that in mind.

So does this actually work?

The actual nail polish is very vibrant and really shiny. It was easy to apply and with just the first coat it looked good. I applied two coats of this. 
The Diamond Top Coat was a little challenging. It was a little runny which caused me to get some on my fingers but for the most part it was fine. I would just be super cautious with the top coat, if you add too much to your nails it will cause the polish to run and smudge or take forever to dry. 
Drying time was about 30 minutes, which was pretty long but it is a gel nail polish. When they were dry I could really see how great the results were though. My nails looked like I just walked out of the nail salon, they were so shiny! I couldn't wait to see how long this would last.
Unfortunately, after only one day my nail polish was already starting to chip. It was a little chip, but a chip nonetheless. It was all downhill from there. By Sunday my nail polish was about 50% gone. This polish didn't last two weeks, it barely lasted one, bummer. It was easy to remove so the box didn't lie about that.

So...is this product worth it?

I don't think so. Well, for me, it wasn't worth it. The color was great and the shine was amazing but it was starting to chip after only one day! I spent $14 on this product, I was expecting it to work much better than it did. I get the same results from a $1 regular nail polish. If you can get this on a sale and you're dying to try it out then I think you should buy it. If you're thinking of buying any kind of gel nail polish I recommend trying out a cheaper one first. I feel like I spent over $10 on a regular nail polish, which is something I'd never do.

*Now I'm not sure if it's just me who had this polish chip so easily, I do wash my hands a lot because I work with kids so let me know if you've tried this and it lasted longer for you. I'm very interested. 

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you've ever tried the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy and what you think of it. I'd love to hear your opinions!
Remember for the next few weeks every Wednesday I'm going to be reviewing five different gel nail polishes to let you know which one is the best and which one is worth it!

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