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Hey guys! For the past few weeks I've been collecting drugstore gel nail polishes to start a weekly series type of thing. Every Wednesday for the next five weeks I'm going to be reviewing a different drugstore brand of no UV light required at home gel nail polish. 
I think it's so great that brands are coming out with at home gel nail polishes that don't require a UV light. You can save tons of money on gel manicures and you don't have to expose yourself to those harmful UV lights! 
I picked up five different gel nail polishes to try out. I'm going to paint my nails every Sunday with a different polish and keep each polish on for a week then, every Wednesday I'm going to let you know if it's worth it or not!

For this week I tried out the L.A. Colors Gel Nail Polish in the color Aura which is a super fun bright pink. L.A. Colors is a brand that you can get at most dollar stores as well as stores like Walmart. This gel nail polish cost me $2.00, being the cheapest of all the gel nail polishes I've tried. This is a one step gel nail polish.

So does this actually work?

Now, my expectations weren't exactly that high with this nail polish, because of the low price but I decided to buy it anyways because I love the regular L.A. Colors nail polishes. 
The application was great, the perfect amount of color was on the brush each time, and it was the perfect consistency. However, the brush it comes with is kind of thick, which can be good or bad. It was a little tough for me to work with because my fingers are pretty thin, so my nails are thin too, but if you don't have itty bitty fingers like me, it might actually be the perfect size for a one brush stoke application. I applied two coats.
The shine was alright. It wasn't crazy shiny but it did look like I applied a top coat to it. My favorite thing about this nail polish was how quickly it dried. It dried so fast, so it's perfect for impatient people like myself.
Unfortunately, this polish didn't perform well. It was already chipping a few days after I applied it and by day 7 some nails were missing huge chunks of polish. It chipped easily, but it didn't crack.
Removal was easy enough, it came off like regular polish.

So...is this product worth it?

It depends. For me, it is but only because the application was super easy and the dry time was extremely fast and if there's one thing I can't stand it's honestly waiting for nail polish to dry. It's really not a bad product for the price.
If you're looking for a gel nail polish that performs as well as a gel manicure that you would get at the salon, then I wouldn't recommend the L.A. Colors Gel nail polish to you.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you've tried out this L.A. Colors Gel nail polish and what you think about it!

Next weeks Worth It Wednesday post will be the last of the "Drugstore Gel Nail Polish Collection" posts. I will be reviewing one final gel nail polish. I will also be posting a separate post next Wednesday telling you which one I recommend the most and why! Stay tuned!

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