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Fall is officially upon us and if you're like me, you feel guilty for spending the days indoors when you could be out enjoying the weather. I've made a list of 10 fun things to do in the fall, including a few indoor activities for when it's rainy or muggy out. 

1. Apple picking is a fun activity you can do with friends and family or even alone! The best part is using the apples you picked yourself to make a delicious baked good!

2. You can also go pumpkin picking, the staple October activity. There's pumpkin patches everywhere so you don't have to travel far to do this!

3. Take those pumpkins you picked and decorate them. Whether you make Jack-O-Lanterns or get crafty and use paint, you're sure to have a lot of fun. You can even have your own pumpkin decorating party with friends. Make them spooky, cute, or funny; the options are endless.

4. The weather is perfect right now to go on a nice, long walk. You can stroll through your neighborhood or even go for a jog. Just enjoy the perfect weather now while you can, before it gets too cold out!

5. Instead of just going for a regular walk, go to an area where you can see a lot of leaves! Take a hike through the woods to see all the pretty colors!

6. Have a spa day or night. You can take a bubble bath or give yourself a pedicure, anything that you can think of to pamper yourself. Don't forget to light some fall scented candles!

7. You can always get all cozy on your couch and read a book or watch a movie. Grab a big blanket and your favorite book and you're ready for a relaxing night in!

8. The fall is the perfect time to head to the farm. The weather is beautiful and there's always so much to do at the farm. If you have a local farmer's market, hit it up to get yourself some fresh vegetables. 

9. Now is the perfect time to go to a haunted house too! You can go check out one made by someone in your neighborhood or you can go to the big, scary one! 

10. Just go rake some leaves! It's something that has to get done, but instead of just making it a chore, make a big pile and jump into it! It's so nostalgic and when you're done playing in the leaves, you can just pick them up and throw them in the trash!

What are your favorite fall activities? What do you like to do the most in the fall? Let me know in the comments!

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