| BLOGTOBER | What is it and What I Plan On Writing About!

Although it's the second day of October and I should have started this yesterday, I've decided I want to try to do Blogtober this year! 
Blogtober is a challenge that many bloggers take place in during October. There are no specific rules as to what you have to post, you just have to post at least once every single day of the month. 
I was considering doing this all last month, and I actually decided to give it a try. I really want to do this challenge because I've been having trouble posting when I say I'm going to post and I feel that if I can actually complete this challenge of posting every single day, posting three times a week will become super easy for me. I also decided to create my own prompts for each day. My prompts are all either fall related or Halloween related. There's so much going on in the fall and I really love Halloween, so I figured these prompts will also make it easier for me to write and actually complete this challenge!

If you would like to use my list of prompts for your own Blogtober feel free to do so!
Just be sure to tag me, so I can see what you wrote about! I really want to spend more time reading other blogs as well and I'm interested in what you would write about!

Alexandra Quinlan's Blogtober 2016 Prompts:

2. Blogtober Introduction
3. 15 Things I Love About The fall
4. Favorite Fall Fashion Trends
5. 10 Fun Things To Do In The Fall
6. Best Halloween Candy
7. Cheap & DIY Halloween Decorations
8. Cozy Spa Day
9. 15 Things I Don't Like About The Fall
10. Favorite Fall Color Eyeshadows
11. My Halloween "Mascots" Ranking
12. What The Fall Is Like Where I Live
13. Fall Nail Color Collection
14. What To Do When It Starts Getting Dark Out Early
15. Fall Makeup Tutorial
16. My Favorite Halloween Baking Recipes 
17. Weird Things That Used To Scare Me
18. What Things Scare Me Now
19. October Birchbox
20. My Old Halloween Costumes
21. My Favorite Scary Movies
22. Best Halloween TV Specials
23. Halloween Costume Idea #1
24. Halloween Costume Idea #2
25. Halloween Costume Idea #3
26. Halloween Costume Idea #4
27. Halloween Costume Idea #5
28. Halloween Costume Idea #6
29. Halloween Costume Idea #7
30. Halloween Checklist
31. My Halloween Costume!

I hope you're as excited as I am about Blogtober! Remember to check out my blog everyday, because I will (hopefully), be posting every single day this month!
Happy Blogtober 2016 everyone!

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