| BEAUTY CONFERENCE BUCKET LIST | Beauty Conferences I Want To Attend In 2017

One of my goals for 2017 is to attend some beauty conferences. I've been fascinated with them since starting my blogging journey but I haven't had the chance to attend any. I really want to attend as many as possible because I think beauty conferences are essential for beauty bloggers.
 Beauty conferences are so important because they allow you to make personal connections with brands, influencers, and fellow members of the beauty community; sample and purchase products, some that may even be early releases; and some conferences even offer educational and training services that can make a huge impact on bloggers and beauty lovers alike.

Beauty Conference Bucket List 2017:

1. BeautyCon 

One of the most popular beauty conferences, all of my favorite beauty bloggers and vloggers attend this event. You get to meet some of your faves, sample products from different brand, and you even get a goody bag stuffed with some of the most popular beauty products at the moment. What's not to love?


IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade Show but anyone is allowed to attend. Many professionals attend this event, so it's a great place to learn new things about beauty and I even heard that some brands launch new products here!

3. Generation Beauty by Ipsy 

This is another super popular event among the blogger and vlogger community. It's a great event to connect with brands and sample products. Plus you get a goody bag for attending too!

4. Makeup Show - New York
(At the Metropolitan Pavilion)

This event offers showcases where you can sample and learn more about a variety of products such as; makeup, skincare, nail care, perfume and fragrances, and hair care!

5. DIY Makeup Expo
(At Red Hook Labs, Brooklyn NY)

All attendees at this event will have the chance to undergo mini makeovers, where you'll learns loads of stuff about makeup application and techniques. There's even the opportunity to purchase and sample products and connect with other people in the field!

I used an amazing website to help me make my list of beauty conferences to attend! Eventbrite.com is a website that allows you to create, share, find, and attend different events. You can find conferences, rallies, fundraisers, competitions, music events, and so much more! It's not just limited to beauty either, there are tons of events that cater to everyone's interests. 

Eventbrite allows you to search for events by location (ex. NYC/LA) and by category so it's super easy to find the event you're looking for. You can save events for future reference or purchase your tickets straight from the site when you create a free account on eventbrite.com. I saved a ton of beauty and fashion events I'm interested in! You can also connect your Facebook account to see if any of your friends are also attending!
You can even create your own events on Eventbrite with their conference management page!

What do you think about my Beauty Conference Bucket List? What are some beauty events you want to attend within the next year? Let me know in the comments!

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