Sunday, November 6, 2016

| PRODUCTS UNDER $5 CHALLENGE | Makeup Look & Mini Tutorial

I decided to do a little makeup challenge this weekend! I wanted to see what kind of look I could do using only products that cost $5 or under. I'm sure this challenge has been done before, so I'm in no way saying I created it myself. I just wanted to have a little bit of fun with my makeup stash. 
Its true that you don't need only high-end and expensive products to create a stunning look. It took a little bit of extra work to get some of these products to do what I wanted them to do, but some of them were amazing. I'm totally happy with the way this turned out!

This is the finished look:

Not too bad, right? I'm going to show you what products I used, what I thought of each one, and I have a few pictures of my eyes so you can see a step by step on how I did my eyeshadow for this look.

Products Used:

I personally love this foundation. It offers great coverage and it certainly is matte, matte foundations are my favorite because of my oily skin. I did a full review on it, you can check it out here.

I was actually quite surprised by how well these eyeshadows worked. For only $1 they were pretty pigmented and very easy to blend. I'm always impressed by the eyeshadows from L.A. Colors, you would never think such a cheap eyeshadow would work so well.

I love this eyeshadow, so underrated. The color is so pretty and pigmented and it blends nicely.

These are usually $10 but I'm counting it because it's on sale for $5. I was actually annoyed when I first got this eyeshadow. I ordered it online and the picture made it look more like an orange, but when swatched and applied it looks more like a coral. 
However, it does blend well and the pigment is pretty good and I did end up really liking the way it looked paired with the purple eyeshadow I did.

Mine says "Fergie" on it because they discontinued the "Fergie" but this On Edge liner is the same exact product, just a different name. This eyeliner makes it super easy to create a wing. It applies easily and the color is perfect, it's just a total pain to take off.

I did a full review on my blog a few months ago. These are pretty good. I used the contour one to contour a little and the highlighter to highlight a little. Check out my full review here.

7. L.A. Colors Matte Lipstick in Rouge - $1.00

I can't seem to find this online, but I bought a holiday kit from Family Dollar the other day and this lipstick was in it. The kit was only $5 and it came with 3 lipsticks, 2 liquid lipsticks, and a lip liner so I'm just going to say this lipstick costs only $1. Correct me if I'm wrong! 
I'm going to do a full review on the kit soon! I'll just tell you that this lipstick wasn't too bad!

I've been loving this mascara for a while. It doesn't clump and it gives just the right amount of volume to my lashes!

Entire look total: $24.57

Eyeshadow Tutorial:

1. First I primed my eyelid with a base color from the L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow palette.

2. I took another shade to my crease and used it as a transition color so my eyeshadow would blend better.

3. Next, I applied the Circa eyeshadow all over my lid.

4. I took the Sephora eyeshadow and blended it into my crease with a very fluffy crease brush.

5. I took the darkest shade in the L.A. Colors Matte Eyeshadow palette and used this to shade in the outer v and blended a little into my crease.

6. Lastly I used the Wet n Wild eyeliner to do a simple wing and applied a few coats of mascara.

What do you think of my look? I challenge all of you to do the Products Under $5 Makeup Challenge! Be sure to send me your links in the comments or on social media if you do the Products Under $5 challenge!

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  1. This is a unique challenge and one I'm not sure I could do myself! Kudos to you to making a makeup look with all drugstore makeup! hehe

    xx Heather ||

    1. Thanks!! :) It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

  2. Very inspiring post! You look beautiful :)