Wednesday, December 7, 2016

| Easy DIY Wreath | Blogmas 2016

To me, a Christmas wreath on the front door is the second biggest sign that Christmas is coming, besides the tree of course. I love this classic holiday symbol, but wreaths can be pretty expensive. I decided this year that I would make my very own wreath! This was the easiest DIY project I've ever done and it was pretty cheap too!

Let me show you how!

Supplies Needed:

I got everything I used to make this wreath from Dollar Tree! 
I used a pre-made basic/not decorated wreath and just added my own decorations!

Plain wreath 
Wire and garland

- Tinsel


Twist Ties

Wreath Hanger

How It's Made:

1. If using wire & garland. Create a circle with the wire and wrap the garland around.

2. Tie the end of the tinsel around the wreath and double knot it, be gentle with it though, so it doesn't break.

3. Start wrapping the tinsel around the wreath, being sure to leave spaces, so you can still see the green parts.

4. Once you've wrapped the tinsel all the way around the wreath, cut the tinsel, leaving just enough so you can tie it off.

5. Time to decorate! Place a large bow in the center of the bottom of the wreath. Use a twist tie to attach it or just tie the bow on.

6. Place two small bows on each side of the wreath, use a twist tie to attach those too!

7. Attach the wreath hanger and hang it up on your door!

There you have it! The easiest DIY wreath ever! Feel free to change it up and bit and decorate it however you want!

What are some of your favorite DIY holiday decorations? Let me know in the comments!

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