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| Favorite Christmas Songs | Christmas Playlist | Blogmas 2016

Ah, Christmas music. Whether you love it or hate it, you just can't escape it. Radio stations start playing nonstop Christmas songs immediately after Thanksgiving ends and all your favorite stores have it blasting throughout. I personally love Christmas music. It's so festive and fun, and it really helps me get into the Christmas spirit. 
I've put together a playlist of my favorite Christmas songs for you guys! This playlist has 20 Christmas songs to help get you into the festive spirit. I've also decided to tell you guys a little about why I love each song! 
I really hope you enjoy this Christmas Playlist I made for you! Feel free to use it for all of your holiday parties or whenever you just want to listen to Christmas music!

*Click on the title of each song to see the video on Youtube! 

Alexandra Quinlan's Christmas Playlist

This is a newer Christmas song, but it's so good! Every time I hear this song I dance a little, no matter where I am. Leave it to Ariana Grande to create an awesome pop Christmas classic!

I have a very interesting reason why I love this Christmas classic so much. When my sister and I were younger, we used to write a Christmas play, every single year. We would write the play and start practicing, but we could never seem to get past a certain part. Anyways, this song was the "opening number", so now every time I hear it, I can't help but laugh at my failed attempt at screenwriting.

What's Christmas without Rudolph, or any of the other reindeer really? Definitely the best Christmas song to sing along to!

This is one of my favorite Christmas songs from my childhood. This isn't the version I've always listened to, but Katharine McPhee sings this so well, I love it!

I remember having to sing this song for chorus in elementary school! I love how this song makes me really visualize a winter wonderland!

Although this song is supposed to be a sad, little, Christmas love song, I always get excited when I hear it playing. My favorite version is definitely this one by Hilary Duff! I love this song so much, I'm not even ashamed to admit I sing it all year long.

I had no idea this song said "Let It Snow" three times in the title, I thought it was just called "Let It Snow". Anyways, I love singing- and snapping- along to this song so much!

I literally had no idea what this song was called before I made this playlist, I just knew I've always loved it. It's so catchy and Mariah kills it, as always.

The cartoon Frosty The Snowman movie is one of my favorite movies ever. I love this song so much probably because of the movie!

This song was my all time favorite Christmas song when I was a kid. It's so catchy and I can't help dancing around whenever it plays!

If I'm going to listen to this song, it has to be the Jackson 5 version, no other version compares. This is such a fun song.

A beautiful song sung by an extremely talented woman. I love her version of Joy To The World, she does an amazing job singing this!

This is my favorite song to decorate for Christmas to. I love listening to this while I put up the tree and other decorations!

What would a Christmas playlist be without this one? Every one loves this song, even if they don't actually want to admit it. I will forever be trying to hit those high notes.

His voice is so smooth, ah. Another Christmas song I love singing along to!

Aly & AJ will forever be remembered for this song! It brings back so many memories and it's so catchy and fun.

Leave it to JB to make a super catchy Christmas love song. It's got such a relaxing feel, but you really just can't help singing along.

This song just screams Christmas. His big, burly voice makes it actually sound like Santa himself is singing this. 

"I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart!" This Christmas song is really fun to sing along to, too bad I can't sing in Spanish...

The perfect song to end the night. It's slow and beautiful, and Sam Smith's voice is so amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Playlist! What are your all time favorite Christmas or holiday songs? Let me know in the comments!

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