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I remember when I first heard about contouring and I was so confused. It looked really hard and I didn't quite understand what it was and what the point of doing it was. When you don't know much about highlighting and contouring it can definitely seem overwhelming. I decided to put together a few of my personal tips and tricks that I use when I contour to help anyone who is a little lost when it comes to this stuff!

So what is contouring & highlighting?!

When you contour you're creating shadows to help shape and define your face.
When you highlight you're drawing attention to certain features by attracting light to them.

First things first, use the right shade of contour for your skin tone

Different contour products come in different shades and it's important that the one you're using is a good fit for your skin tone. If you have cool undertones, use a cool toned contour and if you're warm toned, use a warm toned one. Don't use a product that's too light or dark for your skin tone either, it won't look natural. 

Also, don't try to contour with a shimmery bronzer

Always opt for a matte bronzer when you contour. When you use a shimmery bronzer, you're actually causing light to be drawn to the area that you're contouring instead of creating a shadow to help minimize the area. Bronzers that have a shimmery look may also cause your contour to appear more muddy. 

Contour and highlight in the right places

Every ones face is different, so it's important to remember that not every one is going to contour and highlight the same way. Someone with a rounder face may want to contour their cheekbones and jaw line more than someone with an angled face. 

The best way to figure out where you should be applying your contour and highlight is by figuring out what you want to have appear smaller, (contour), and what features you want to draw attention to, (highlight). 

Most people contour their cheekbones, jawline, bridge of the nose, and forehead. The tip of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, and the cheekbones, (above the contour), are places most people highlight. 

Make sure you're using the right brushes

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out which brushes to use to contour, there's so many! 
I usually use an angled contour brush to contour my face and a small fluffy brush to do my highlight!
Many brands offer brush kits with brushes specifically for highlighting and contouring to make choosing much easier!

And make sure you're using the brushes right

When you're blending out your contour, you want to have your hand closer to the end of the brush and you want to use a light hand. This will ensure your contour comes out looking more natural and will help prevent it from looking too harsh. 

You want to use a light hand when you apply your highlight too. 

Choose a highlight shade that matches your skin tone

Some highlight shades just don't work well with certain skin tones. I can't tell you how many times I've picked out a pretty highlight, only to have it look horrible on my skin because it just didn't go well with my skin tone. 

Highlight where the light hits naturally

If you're having trouble figuring out where to apply your highlight, just look at the places on your face that light naturally hits. This is usually the forehead, under the eyebrows, bridge of the nose, high points on the cheekbones, on the cupids bow right above the lips, and the chin. 
However, everyone is different and you can apply your highlight wherever you decide you want light and eyes drawn to. 

Conceal acne/any imperfections with a darker concealer

This isn't really a contouring tip, but it's a mistake I see done often, even by professionals. When you want to hide a pimple, use a concealer that's either the shade of your foundation or a shade or two darker, this will help hide it better. Using a lighter concealer shade will actually draw eyes to it more, causing the pimple to appear more raised. 

Think of it like highlighting. When you're highlighting your face, you're highlighting parts of your face you want eyes and light drawn to. Do you want eyes drawn to the pimple on your face? Probably not.

**Remember everyone is different and of course, everyone has different preferences when it comes to how they do their makeup! This is in no way a definitive guide on how to contour, just some of my own personal tips that work for me that I wanted to share.**

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