| Anti Haul | Products I Won't Be Buying!

As a girl trying to save some money, all of these gorgeous new makeup products being released is such a tease! I can look and admire them all I want, but I have to hold back on buying anything right now. It's a serious struggle at the moment, but I'm getting by. 

In an effort to prevent myself from buying anything at the moment, I decided to do my own little Anti Haul. I've been seeing Anti Haul blog posts and YouTube videos all over and I love them! For those who don't know, an Anti Haul is exactly what it sounds like, just a list of products that people don't want to buy. I really enjoy these because you get a chance to see what products people aren't interested in buying and I feel as though it helps lessen the hype surrounding some.

Take a look at my Anti Haul to see what beauty products I'm not interested in buying!

1. Anything Kylie Cosmetics

I don't think I've ever once really wanted anything from Kylie's line of makeup. It has nothing to do with her, I actually admire how ambitious she is, it has more to do with the company itself. I've heard way too many people complain about the products being inconsistent in quality and I've also heard shipping is a nightmare. Her products are also way too expensive for what you're getting. For a sub-par liquid lipstick you're paying almost $20 and I'd much rather spend $20 on a lipstick that's of higher quality, like Anastasia or Stila. 

2. Illuminating Drops (Any Brand)

This is a beauty product I don't think I'll ever understand. They're drops you either use as a highlight or mix into your foundation to make your skin glow more, and as someone who only wears matte foundations to hide their oily skin, I just can't get behind this trend. I also feel like it's way too much work. If I was going for a more glowy look, I would prefer to use a dewy foundation or even add a little extra powder highlight. 

3. Tarte Clay Stick Foundation

I've heard Tarte makes some of the best foundations out right now and I would really like to try some from them, but this is not one of them. I just hate the idea of a stick foundation. 
I'm dealing with some breakouts at the moment, so I've been really focused on making sure my skin is clean and stick foundations just scream breakouts to me! Even though you're not rubbing the stick all over your face, you are applying it directly to your face and I just can't get down with that right now.

4. Colorful Highlighters (Any Brand)

I love the idea of makeup being an artistic outlet and I love all of the really creative, colorful, and artsy makeup looks I see all over social media. I also love playing around with different colors but as of right now, those super colorful and rainbow highlighters are not on my wish list. I just can't see myself spending money on a product I would barely wear. I love the trend, but I don't think it really goes with my day-to-day style at the moment.

These are a few of the makeup products I don't plan on buying! I really enjoyed putting together this Anti Haul. I just feel like it's so easy to get swept up in all of the hype surrounding new product releases but when you actually take the time to think about whether you truly want or need it, you can save yourself a ton of money. It's important to realize that just because a product is popular doesn't mean you have to rush out and buy it if it isn't something that you really want. 

What did you think of my Anti Haul? Are you planning on purchasing these products? What are some popular products you don't plan on buying? Leave me a comment letting me know!

Thanks for reading!
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  1. I loved reading this and agree with you on all these. I am also not interested in any brow gels or anything lip-plumping! Great post x

  2. I agree with %100 of you list. I'm not going to waste my hard earned money on products I simply can't wear unless I'm going to a festival or club.