| September Favorites |

I don't even wanna talk about how September is over already and how it's the fall and we're getting closer and closer to the worst time of the year, (aka winter). It's true though, September flew by and tomorrow is the first day of October! Can time slow down now please? 

Anyways, new month means another monthly favorites! Here's my September Favorites!

| Fall Goals |

Yesterday was the first day of fall and although I might get a little hate for this, I'm not super thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall season and the things it brings along with it like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of the beautiful colors, but I'm a summer girl at heart and I'm so not ready for cold weather and for it to get dark out at 5 PM. 

However, I'm going to go into this new season with a positive attitude and a full set of goals to accomplish. I'm always trying to set goals for myself to help me get what I really want out of life. I want to share my goals with you guys, because I feel like if I have them out there it'll be easier for me to follow through on them and ultimately, accomplish them. 

I broke them down into two categories. My general life goals and my goals for my blog. 

| The Versatile Blogger Award |

I had no plans to have a post up today but Caitlin Taylor over at caitlinbethtaylor.blogspot.com nominated me to participate in the Versatile Blogger Award so I decided to just go for it.

I love posts like these because it gives me a chance to learn about other bloggers and it gives you guys a chance to learn a little more about me!

| Soapbox Soaps Review |

There's nothing I like more than a company that sells affordable, good quality products and does their part in helping people in need. So when Soapbox asked me if I wanted to help them reach a huge milestone for them, I just couldn't say no, I'm always down for supporting a good cause! 

In case you don't know, Soapbox is a company that sells personal care items such as; shampoo & conditioner, body wash, liquid hand soap, and bar soap. All of their products are made in the USA and are cruelty free, vegan, and made using only natural ingredients. Soapbox is also a one-for-one company, meaning that for every product purchased, one bar of soap is donated to someone in need. There's also a code on every product purchased that you can enter on their website so you can see where your donation is going and who it's helping, which I think is a really cool feature. 

Soapbox reached out to me to help them reach their 3 millionth donation, (yes they've donated close to 3 million bars of soap), and I couldn't say no. They even sent me some products to test out and review for you guys.

PS: Stick around until the end of this post for a special surprise! 

| Products I Regret Buying | Drugstore Makeup |

Makeup is great these days! There's something for everyone, whether you go drugstore or high end. It's just so cool to see so many brands coming out with awesome products all the time. But sometimes you buy a new makeup product, whether it was hyped up or you impulsively bought it, and you're left feeling nothing but disappointment and regret for spending your hard earned money on it. 

When this happens to me, I just have this urge to tell everyone I know that I didn't like it, so they don't waste their money on it either. That's exactly what I'm doing in this post, sharing with you guys some of the drugstore makeup products I bought and now regret. 

| August Favorites |

August is over which means the summer is coming to an end. I love the fall and everything about it, but my heart will always belong to summer. I'm really dreading the cold weather and the whole getting dark out at 5 PM thing, maybe it's time I move to a place where the summer never ends? 

Anyways, a new month means a new monthly favorites post. Here's my August Favorites!