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Yesterday was the first day of fall and although I might get a little hate for this, I'm not super thrilled. Don't get me wrong, I love the fall season and the things it brings along with it like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of the beautiful colors, but I'm a summer girl at heart and I'm so not ready for cold weather and for it to get dark out at 5 PM. 

However, I'm going to go into this new season with a positive attitude and a full set of goals to accomplish. I'm always trying to set goals for myself to help me get what I really want out of life. I want to share my goals with you guys, because I feel like if I have them out there it'll be easier for me to follow through on them and ultimately, accomplish them. 

I broke them down into two categories. My general life goals and my goals for my blog. 

Here are my Fall Goals:

Continue working out

I find that as the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, I start to slack on my workout routine. I really want to keep up with my routine because I found that, not only do I love the physical results of having a good workout routine, working out helps with my anxiety too.

I plan to finally get myself a gym membership, so I won't have any excuses to not workout. This will also allow me to add more to my workout routine, which I've been wanting to do for a while now. 

Save more money

I'm not going to lie, I'm really not that good at saving money. It's hard to save when you live on your own, pay all of your own bills, and have a slight addiction to shopping. I save only a little at the moment, but I want to start saving more. I have some big purchases I want to make in the very near future and I need to start saving now if I want to do it!

I'm going to have a set amount of money automatically taken out of my paycheck every week that goes directly into a savings account, that way I don't have to consciously do it myself. This will make the whole process easier for me.

Eat healthier

This was one of my spring goals and I'm getting a little better! I still eat like a super picky toddler though and I want to challenge myself to eat better foods. I'm the pickiest eater in the world, so this is always so hard for me, but I'm getting older and I need to start being a lot more conscious of what I'm putting into my body.

I'll probably go about this one slowly. I already eat relatively healthy for meals, so I plan to start swapping unhealthy snacks for healthier alternatives. Also, I need to get take-out a lot less, it's bad for my body and my wallet.


I'm kind of at a standstill with work right now. I know I'm not at a job that I want to do for the rest of my life but I'm still not exactly sure what I want to do, ya feel? I want to focus a little more time on figuring out what I want to do, short and long term.

Hit 50k

Just last week my blog hit 20,000 views! It's not a big number at all, but it's such a big deal for me because when I first started this blog, I didn't think anyone would read it at all. It made me so happy because it really makes it feel like all of the work I put into this blog is worth it. I noticed that the more effort and time I put into my blog, the better it does and I want to continue working hard on it because it makes me really happy.

My goal is to hit 50,000 page views by the end of the fall. It's a big number, but I believe that with a lot of hard work and dedication, I can make it happen!

Read more blogs

I'm so ashamed to admit that I don't read enough blogs. I want to support other bloggers the way they have supported me, but I find that I rarely have the time to read other blogs due to working full time and other things going on in my life. When I do have the time to read other blogs, I really enjoy it, so I need to start setting aside more time to do it.

I'm going to have one night a week where I go through some of my favorite blogs and read and comment on posts, and I'm going to search for newer bloggers to read, so I can help support the people who are just starting out and may need the extra support.

Grow social media accounts

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Sometimes I find that my accounts are doing so well and I'm having so much fun on it, and then other times I can't even stand to be on it. Shitty people, bad algorithms, and general negativity can seriously ruin social media for me but I'm going to stop letting those things get to me. 

I'm going to focus more on interacting with other people, whether they blog or not, because I've found that engaging with your readers and followers is so important for how well your blog ends up doing. I don't have any set number of followers I'd like to reach across social media by the end of fall, but I hope to grow my accounts in general.


Since starting my blog, I've always wanted to collaborate with other bloggers. I love the idea of people who share the same passions working together to create something awesome. 

I have a few ideas for collaborations and hopefully soon I can share them with a few people and make it happen!

Those are my goals for the fall. I'm hoping that if I work hard enough at them I'll be able to accomplish them all. I'll be sure to give you guys updates as the season goes on!

What are some of your goals for the fall? I'd love to hear them, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. One of my fall goals was to hit 60,000 blog views, and I've already done it! I guess I will have to think of another one haha:)

    Emily xo

    1. Oh wow that's awesome! Congratulations! :)

      Thanks for reading!

  2. These are great goals!! I know what you mean about reading other blogs, I always want to and I try to make it a priority but it's definitely something you need to carve out time for! It's always enjoyable to read what other people are up to! I love how focused you are overall though. It's good you set up something where you're saving automatically! Savings are so important so good for you! X Jen

    1. Thanks so much! Here's hoping I actually accomplish some of these! :)

      Thanks for reading!

  3. You have some wonderful life and blog goals! All of your life goals are ones that would be good for me as well, only I'm probably too lazy to do work on all of them.
    Amongst your blogging goals, the reading of blogs is the one Ilike doing the most. And Tweeting on Twitter :D

    A couple of my general life goals are ones you have for yourself.
    My goals for my blog include actually publishing a new post for the first time in a year. I'm well along on the draft of it. A second goals is to take more outfit photos.
    A third goal of mine is to somehow find an inexpensive camcorder that's easy to use, stupid-proof, has remote record pause -stop, and is compatible with both iMac and YouTube.
    I'll probably publish my first post this year before I get good photos and videos to include in it.

    Kudos on your excellent goals!


    1. Thanks so much! Yes, a good camera is something I need to invest in too!
      I hope you reach your goals! :)

      Thanks for reading!