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| Profusion Cosmetics Hollywood Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches + Look! |

I have a strange habit of finding products that I know absolutely nothing about and buying them just to find out if they're good or not. And if they're affordable, I'll jump on it even quicker!

I recently found this Hollywood eyeshadow palette from Profusion Cosmetics at a random store in my town. I picked it up and decided to give it a try, without having any idea what it was like or even what shades were in it. I mean, I guess you could say I was feeling pretty adventurous. It was super affordable, at just $9.99, so I had to take the chance! 

After playing around with the Hollywood palette a few times, I decided it was time for a review, because honestly, I don't know how to keep my mouth shut when I have such a strong opinion about something. 

So here goes..

Profusion Cosmetics Hollywood Eyeshadow Palette Review

What it is

The Hollywood palette comes with 24 shades- a wide variety of colors- with some being matte and others shimmer. The packing is rather large and lacks a mirror, but you do get a dual-ended brush, that feels like it's good quality. 

Profusion Cosmetics is an affordable line of makeup, that you can find at Target. They have tons of products, but they're definitely a brand I don't see getting much representation. I personally, don't have much experience with Profusion products. (I've tried one other thing from them, their liquid eyelining pen, which I actually hated!)

This palette, however, has made me want to start experimenting with Profusion, and other lesser known drugstore brands, more! 

My thoughts

At first glance, the shadow shades are gorgeous. I love that there is a variety of mattes and shimmers, but I also love the color variety. There's light and natural shades, darker shades, and a few bolder ones. 

Top (from left to right): Metallic (shimmer). Clay (matte). Warmth (shimmer). Denim (Matte). Dark Olive (matte). Midnight (shimmer). Royal (matte). Dark Chocolate (shimmer).

Middle (from left to right): Porcelain (matte). Pale Gold (shimmer). Lavender (matte). Taupe (shimmer). Bark (shimmer). Roast (matte). Dark Brew (shimmer). Charred (matte).

Bottom (from left to right): Champagne (shimmer). Nude (matte). Rosey (shimmer). Graphite (matte). Antique (matte). Mineral (shimmer). Granite (matte). Soot (shimmer).

I'm not a very big fan of the placement of the shadows. The mattes and shimmers are placed randomly throughout the palette, but I prefer them to be in some kind of order, as weird or not as that makes me sound. They are placed where the lighter shades are on one side and the darker on another, so that's not too bad, I can work with that. 

The pan size of each shadow is actually pretty big, which is a plus but unfortunately makes this palette a little big and bulky. It also lacks a mirror, which is a pretty big downside for me, I usually prefer a palette that comes with a mirror. 

Each shade feels creamy to the touch and when swatched, they all look beautiful. 
Some of the shades show up better than others though so there isn't consistency within the palette. 

First Row

Second Row

Third Row

As far as how well this palette performs, I was actually really fucking surprised! I wasn't expecting much from a $10 palette, but when applying the shadows to my eyes, the payoff was amazing! The shades blended easily and looked so damn good. There was a little bit of fall out with some of the shades, but it honestly wasn't too bad. 

I love how the shades in the palette are perfect for creating natural looks, but there's also the ability to explore and create bolder ones too! The only issue I had with the shades in the Hollywood palette was that there was no good setting shade, ya know, the one you put all over your lid to set your primer. I used the shade Nude, which was a little too orange for me, but I made it work.  

Here's the look I created using the Profusion Hollywood palette. I took Nude and put it all over my lid. Then I used Clay as my transition shade. I mixed Royal and a little, tiny bit of Roast and used that for my crease, and then I put Rosey, (my favorite shade in this palette!), all over my lid. this palette worth it?

Psssh, hellll yeah! Let me explain. 

Although there is a lack of consistency with a few shades in the Hollywood palette and even though it doesn't have a mirror, this $10 palette really outdoes itself. You get 24 shades, mattes and shimmers. The shades swatch well, blend well, and you're able to create so many beautiful looks with this palette. The Hollywood palette also comes with a dual ended brush that works really well!

Honestly, the Hollywood palette from Profusion has made me realize that there are so many drugstore products that I've been sleeping on and it made me want to venture outside of my comfort zone of only using products that have gotten hype, and explore more lesser known products and brands. 

I can't wait to continue to use this palette to create fun looks! And I really can't wait to start exploring more Profusion Cosmetics products too!

Have you tried the Profusion Cosmetics Hollywood palette? What were your thoughts?


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  1. wow that looks good! I love their Mixed Metals palettes. for the price they are really good@

    1. Ooh I'll have to check out the Mixed Metals Palette! I'm trying to use more products from this brand, since I enjoy this palette so much!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Looks like a good deal for all the different shades that you get in that palette! I've never tried profusion before but I would love to venture out and try it. Love the look that you created with it too!

    1. It really is such a good deal, I love this palette!
      Thank you so much!

  3. That palette is stunning, I can live without a mirror for less than £10! That's great x