My Holy Grail Products | 5 Products I Actually Couldn't Live Without

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I'm obsessed with makeup. There's nothing I love more than creating looks and experimenting with new products to see what I can create. As much as I love trying out new things, I still have my favorites.

Out of all the makeup I've tried, I have 5 staple products that I honestly can't live without. Products that go everywhere with me, products that I repurchase quite often, products I swear by.

Seriously, take a look at my Instagram and see what products I use most often, and I'm sure you'll see these five. 

I'll buy these products always and forever, I'll recommend them to everyone, I literally won't shut up about them, because I love them so much. 

These are my Holy Grail makeup products.

My Holy Grail Products | 5 Products I Actually Couldn't Live Without

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

It took me way too long to purchase this eyeshadow palette. I waited months to buy it because I just wasn't sure if it would actually be worth all the hype surrounding it. (Do ya'll remember how everyone would not stop talking about this palette?) 
When I did finally buy it I was so impressed by it, and it's now become my go-to eyeshadow palette. Lemme tell ya why. 

First, it comes with so many shades, and the range is incredible! You get essential neutrals, fun colors, and those much sought-after warm toned shades. Not to mention, it also has the best black eyeshadow I've ever used in my life. Period. 

Second, the quality is amazing! I often find that a lot of palettes have inconsistencies with their shadows. You'll have one shade that's so pigmented and blends easily and another that doesn't show up, doesn't blend, and leaves lots of fallout. In this palette, each shadow works just as well as the others, making it like 10000x better!

And third, the pan size ya'll! So much product comes in this palette! The price isn't too bad either for what you're getting.  

The only issue I have with this palette is that it has no mirror. But other than that, 10/10 would repurchase for the rest of my life. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

I'd like to think that you don't know true happiness until you find a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly, works well with your skin, and lasts all day. So I guess I've stumbled upon true happiness. 

I actually received a sample of this foundation, it was in this super cute, tiny bottle, and I treated it like gold, using the smallest amount possible because I didn't want to run out and I knew how expensive it was. 

As soon as I ran out of my sample though, I was fully prepared to spend the $42 on it because, like I said, finding a foundation that makes your skin look amazing is hard and well worth the money.  

I love this one because it matches my skin tone, unlike so many other foundations I've tried, (they always tend to make me look orange), and because the coverage is so good! It's matte too, which is my favorite. 

Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen 

After years of doing my makeup, I just mastered doing winged eyeliner this past year, all thanks to this bad boi. 

Funny enough, I actually hated this eyeliner when I first got it in a Sephora Play box, (this is why it's so important to never judge a product solely on the way it swatches!), but in a pinch after running out of my regular eyeliner, I used it and fell in love. 

I used to spend hours trying to get a perfect wing, literally causing the skin around my eyes to get irritated from wiping the mistakes off. I tried all the little tricks, but nothing really worked for me. 

The Clinique Pretty Easy Eyelining Pen works because the application is light but still pigmented, and it has a brush tip, making it that much easier to create looks that require a little more precision. 

It isn't the cheapest eyeliner option, ($21 is hella expensive for a glorified marker), but it works so well and I can't live without it. 

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder 

Highlighters are amazing. Like honestly, they make any look complete and that much more glam. 
I'm a major fan of more natural looking highlights, (think golds, rose gold, etc), but I'm not one to shy away from some color too! 

I love these ones from Wet n Wild for a lot of reasons. For one, they're crazy pigmented. You can take just a tiny bit and your skin will instantly be glowing! They're also really affordable, which is always great. They have a pretty good shade selection, ranging from natural to colorful and you get a lot of product. 

My favorite is Precious Petals, which is a gorgeous rose gold color that goes so well with my skin tone. I'm in love. Like for real, I own 4 in this shade. 

Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

I was never a big lip liner person until I learned what contouring your lips could do for your whole look! Now, I often opt for a liner all over my lips instead of lipstick. My favorite lip liners are of course these ones from Wet n Wild. 

They work so well! They're so pigmented, they blend so nicely, there's so many shades to choose from. (My favorite is Bare to Comment, which is a pinky nude). 

I literally buy a new one of these every single time I'm at the drugstore, even if I don't actually need one because I love them so much! 

The cheapest product I can't live without, coming in at under $3! 

Have you tried these products before? What are your thoughts? 
What are your Holy Grail products? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ah when you find the things that work the best you just know! Why fix something that's not broken!? I've only heard great things about the Estee Lauder Double Wear! I'm definitely going to see if I can try it out for the winter. xxx


    1. It's pricey but omg does it work! I'm so happy I discovered it!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. My holy grail is absolutely the essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick! I love this post might be trying some of these.

    1. Oooh! I'll have to try that out sometime! In fact, I don't think I've tried anything from Essence, so I might need you to send me some product recommendations girl!

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I love the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation! My holy grail product is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. I haven't tried many high end products.

    Leah x |

    1. Ooh I've never tried that before, I'll have to check it out!
      Thanks for reading!
      xo a