The 5 Apps Every Blogger Needs

Blogging is so much more than blogging, ya feel? If you're a blogger, then you definitely know what I'm talking about. You're a writer, a content creator, photographer, editor, social media manager, and if you make money off of your blog I'm sure you're also doing finances. 

It's a lot of work and sometimes blogging can seem overwhelming. But lucky for us, we live in the here and now, and we have some really cool technology in the here and now. Apps that do literally everything we could ever want, right at our fingertips! Since there's now an app for everything, you know there's plenty of apps geared towards bloggers and our wants and needs. The amount of apps there are can seem overwhelming also, (there are thousands), but that's why I made this little list. 

So whether you're a newbie blogger, or you've been blogging for years, here are the 5 apps you need to be using! 

1. Canva

If you're not using Canva to create pins and graphics or edit blog photos, what are you using? No, seriously, tell me how you're doing it because I'm not sure if there's an app out there that makes it this easy to create custom graphics, pins, twitter headers, and pretty much every other little design you need. It's my favorite app for designing because it's free, so simple to use, and you can save all of your creations and go back and re-edit them, making it super easy to create new pins or graphics that stick to your theme. 

2. Hootsuite 

Once you start scheduling your tweets, you never go back. I used to manually tweet out blog posts through out the day but I realized that it took way too much time and I wasn't able to tweet all the time. Scheduling tweets saves time and increases page views, (because you should be doing promo 24/7, but you physically can't). I like this app a lot because it's simple to use and the free version gives you everything you need. 

3. Color Story 

Fun filters, pre-sets, and easy to use editing, what's not to love? The best thing about this app is that you're able to plan out and see what your Instagram feed looks like before posting a photo which really helps with choosing filters that match your theme or even discovering what your theme is or should be!

4. Unfold 

Instagram is a pain in the ass, I don't think there's really anyone happy with the way it works at the moment with the whole algorithm and the not showing content to followers bs. I'll take anything to make using Insta better! Unfold helps make Instagram a little more fun by allowing you to make cool templates for your stories. You can customize and add graphics to promote your work. Unfold is my fav because it has a free version that offers you plenty and I love the simplistic designs. 


This is what the app is actually called btw. I track my followers on both Twitter and Instagram, and it's not to track who's following me or unfollowing me. I actually use these apps to check engagement. It obviously allows me to see who is following or unfollowing, but I can also get an idea of who engages with me most, who doesn't engage at all, etc. This helps me figure out my demographics and which types of posts are killin it because I don't use a business account for my Instagram, (and I have my reasons for that)

*BONUS* Fiverr 

Blogging is tough, there's always so much to do and what feels like never enough time to do it all! It often feels like you have to "do it all" with blogging but there's nothing wrong with outsourcing some of the things you need done for your blog. Maybe you're not good at grammar or proofreading/editing, or maybe you're not the best at creating graphics that draw people in. That's where Fiverr comes in. Through Fiverr, you can access thousands of people who are good at the things you have trouble with! 
Or if there's something you've mastered, why not sell your services for a little extra money? You set the requirements and the price, what's not to love about that? I'm currently offering 10-20 Custom Pins through Fiverr, so if Pinterest isn't your expertise, check it out! 

I'm always looking for more tools to make blogging easier.
What are your must-have blogging apps?

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  1. Thank you Alexandra, I'm going to check out Hootsuite, Unfold, and Followers. I'm learning everyday. There's so much to learn about blogging.

    1. There is so much to learn, but it's what makes blogging fun. It's an ongoing learning process and I love it! (:

      xo a

  2. I love Canva - I use it so much it's insane haha Going to check out Hoosuite and Unfold! Thank you for the tips!

    1. Canva is an app that takes some getting used to, but after playing around with it for a while, I've fallen in love with it! It's just so easy to create with it! (:

      xo a