Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin | Guest Post by Alina Ahmed

I'm so excited. 
I'm so excited because this is my first time hosting a guest blog post, something I've been dying to do for such a long time and something I plan to do at least once a month. 

I'm so honored to have Alina as my first ever guest poster. Alina Ahmed is a 19 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger from Glasgow Scotland. She's currently going to University and she's in her second year of studying Pharmacy Science and Health, she loves going on beachy holidays, and she has a sweet tooth, which is something I can totally relate to! She's also super sweet herself! 

I'm so excited for this guest post because, if you follow me, you'll know I have oily skin. Alina has dry skin and she discusses how to care for it in the winter months, which is something I can't really write about, ya feel? 

So if you have dry skin, stick around and Alina's going to tell you all about how to take care of it in the colder months!

Hello lovelies! My name is Alina and I'm a Scottish Pakistani blogger based in Glasgow. This is my first guest post and I really hope that you find it useful!

Winter Skincare Routine for Dry Skin | Guest Post by Alina Ahmed 

In winter, we tend to be in an environment with dry and cold air which makes it really necessary to moisturize, especially for people who have skin like mine, sensitive and very dry. Have you ever noticed that when you are cold you have a natural tendency to rub your hands together and cover your face? Well, that's a lot of germs, which are going to aggravate your skin. 

Here is the routine that I follow in the winter to make sure that my skin and I stay happy!

A hot cleanse

Now, this is honestly my most favorite part. It makes me feel so fresh! At night it calms me down, and in the morning I feel energetic and ready for the day. The idea is you use your cleanser, preferably an oil based one, (I like the Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser),   like you usually do and take a cloth (ideally cotton), and put it under hot water (not too hot though, you don't want to burn your skin). Wipe your cleanser off with that cloth, but make sure you use a new section for every part that you wipe, don't wipe with the same section of cloth. 


The purpose of a toner is to further cleanse your skin and reduce the appearance of your pores. I had to search a lot before I found a skin toner that didn't hurt my sensitive skin, I love this one from L'Oreal! Use a decent amount on a cotton pad and gently swipe it on your face and neck, you will see a lot of dirt come off!


The most important part! In winter, I tend to not worry too much about SPF, (my personal preference), I focus on making sure that the moisturizer is for my skin type, that it is gentle without any harsh chemicals, (preferably natural), and that it will ensure that my skin is moisturized preferably for a long duration. I really like the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer! I try and reapply it when I feel like my skin is drying out. 

And that my lovelies, is my 3-step everyday skincare routine! Remember to stay well hydrated as we tend to stick to hot beverages and forget about the all important H2O in the colder months!

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