How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Twitter is bae. Do people even say bae anymore? Whatever. Twitter is one of the loves of my life. It's the first social media account I created when I started blogging, and I've been tweeting for over two years now. In my opinion, it's the most personable social media platform because it's less image based and more words, (which I love because I'm not the best photographer)
In short, I love Twitter. It is a great place to find a supportive community, no matter what your interests are and, if used correctly, Twitter can help you drive loads of traffic to your blog! 
Nearly half of my blog views come from Twitter alone and they're not just coming from tweeting out my latest blog posts. 

After playing around with Twitter for a little over two years, I kinda figured out what works and what doesn't, and it would be selfish of me not to share what I've learned with all of you! Here are 10 tips for using Twitter to promote your blog, gain loads of traffic, and build engaging, (and lasting), relationships with your readers! 

How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Blog 

The Blogging Babes Guide for Using Twitter to Promote Your Blog

1. A Kick-Ass Bio

Your bio is the place to introduce yourself to your new followers. You can't put much there, (only 160 characters), so make sure you include only what's important, but don't worry, no pressure! It's best to include what you do. If you're a blogger, mention what you blog about in your bio. If you're an artist, mention it. This lets your followers know what you do and what kind of content they should be expecting from you. 

You also want to add a little of your personality into your bio. Mention some of the things you love, mention hobbies or traits that describe you, or choose a quote that resonates well with you. 

Twitter allows you to add one link, so choose wisely. It's best to choose your most important link, the place you want the most traffic to. You can use your blog home page link, or you can update it every time you release new content, that's up to you. There's also the option to use Linktree or similar apps, that allow you to share multiple links through one "housing" link. 

2. Follow People

Following other people on Twitter is a great way to not only grow your own following, but also find great content or help! There are no real rules to following people on Twitter. You can choose to follow everyone, or keep your following list to an exclusive group of people only. You do, however, want to follow people that do what you do. Follow bloggers, content creators, influencers, etc. You can stick to following people who only blog about the same thing as you, or you can broaden your horizons and follow people who are interested in a variety of topics, (which is what I recommend). 

Some people enjoy using follow threads to grow their following on Twitter. These are usually done by someone tweeting out an announcement of their follow thread, asking you to follow them and retweet their tweet, and then you follow all others who participate. Some people have found great success in growing a following and finding new people to engage with using follow threads. 

But one key thing you need to remember when following people: absolutely no one is required to follow you back. Don't follow people, who's content you're not even really interested in, just because you want a follow back, just to later unfollow them when you don't get what you want. 

My general rule as far as following people on Twitter is: only follow people you're either interested in getting to know better, who's content you like, or who you find enjoyable. 

3. Follow RT Accounts

RT accounts are great for two reasons. They get your content out there, seen by more people. Just tag a RT account in your tweet and they'll RT it to their followers, which could help expand your reach by a lot. They're also great for discovering new bloggers and content. When you're following a RT account, you get to see all of the blog posts they're retweeting, showing you content you may not have been able to discover on your own, which is hella cool. 

Oh and a little shameless plug. I run the Blogging Babes RT account, which retweets your recent blog posts AND we host a chat every Sunday night at 6 PM EST, where you get the opportunity to answer questions, learn a little, and just talk to other bloggers about different topics. Come join, everyone's welcome! 

4. Engagement is Everything

Don't just drop a link to your latest blog post and run. You'll look spammy or boring. There's nothing wrong with self-promo, it's why you made a Twitter account for your blog after all, but no one wants to follow someone who doesn't appear to be a person or someone who doesn't even appear to have a personality. 

Ask questions, start conversations, do polls, hell just tweet about your day. People want conversations, people want to see the person behind the account. You can ask questions, related to blogging or not. You can start discussions about important topics or even about the random unrelated thoughts that cross your mind on the daily. You can even make a tweet announcing that you're socially awkward and looking for friends a la me. (I've done this before and people will go out of their way to say hi and make you feel welcome!).

5. Retweet!

If I've learned anything from Twitter and the blogging community, it's that people love support. People want to feel included, they want to feel as though they're a part of a community and their content, that they worked hard on, gets the credit it deserves. That being said, support your fellow bloggers! Retweet their posts, leave them comments. See something you like? Tell them! do they have a question you know the answer to? Help them! See a sponsorship that isn't your thing or you don't qualify for? Retweet it anyway, so someone can find it. 

Supporting someone else doesn't hurt you or your content. Like hello! Somebody else's success doesn't mean yours will never come. Spread love and support and watch the love and support make it's way back to you.

7. Hashtags! 

Twitter like invented the hashtag, so you better be using them. Hashtags allow people who aren't following you to see your tweets, which means more exposure, which in turn leads to more traffic to your blog!

Don't overdo it by adding like 10 related hashtags though. Keep it to 3, tweets with 3 hashtags have been proven to perform the best. Make sure you're only using hashtags that relate to your posts. You'll be sure to annoy people who are looking for something specific through a hashtag when you're using it for your unrelated content, and you're on Twitter to make friends, not enemies. Behave. 

7. Schedule Tweets

I used to never understand why people scheduled tweets in advance. I liked the idea of tweeting my posts in real time because how personal it felt, until I realized how damn time consuming it was. We're busy. We already have so much to do with running a blog plus everything else going on in our personal lives, that we can't always drop what we're doing to tweet out a blog post. Plus the average life span of a tweet is 18 mins, which isn't a lot. If you decided to tweet a blog post at a certain time and no one sees it, it's almost like a waste of time. 

Scheduling tweets in advance saves you time and allows you to promote even when you're busy doing everything else like sleeping or living your best life. Just download a scheduling app like Hootsuite and plan and schedule a weeks worth of promo, that way you don't have to worry about promo until it's time to schedule again!

8. No Auto DMs

I feel like people kinda chilled out with these recently, but when I first made my Twitter account two years ago I couldn't follow 10 people without receiving at least 7 automatic DMs thanking me for following them. If you're planning on setting up an auto DM for your followers, don't, and if you already have one set up, get rid of it. It's tacky, spammy, and impersonal. 

Once again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with self promo or trying to make friends, but it's best to leave self promo for outside the DM's. 

9. Affiliate Codes

Don't be afraid to share any affiliate links or discount codes on Twitter. You gotta make that money somehow and there's no shame in the hustle. But please don't just drop affiliate links all day long. You're gonna make yourself look spammy, and people will be less likely to click on them for that reason. If you spend less time just dropping affiliate links and more time engaging and making friends, you'll find that people will be more likely to buy what you're essentially selling. 

Also, and this is a biggie, make sure you're following the rules of the affiliate program you're a part of or the rules of the brand who is endorsing the sponsorship before posting a link. Some programs have strict rules about posting affiliate links on social media, or they have a separate program for them, so read up, because you don't want to get booted because you didn't follow their rules. 

10. Be Yourself

And last, but certainly not least, the most cliche, but also the most important Twitter tip for you, just be yourself. Don't try to mimic or be like every other blogger out there, you are an amazing and inspiring individual and you have your own knowledge, experiences, support, and friendship to offer. Don't be afraid to be yourself, no matter who you may be. Share your bad days, your good ones, your failures, and your accomplishments. Talk about the things that interest you or the things that piss you off. Offer your advice, your help, or your support. People follow you because they like you, so just be you, ya feel? 

Now go out there and make Twitter your bitch!

Oh and be sure to follow me on Twitter!  I share blogging tips and I tweet about how much I love churros and stuff! It's a good time, I promise! 

Got some of your own Twitter tips that might help some Blogging Babes out there?
Share them in the comments!

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  1. These are some really useful tips and an excellent guide! xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you've found them useful!

      xo a

  2. I recently started my blog again and I find that twitter has been so helpful in getting exposure. Thank you for these tips!!

    1. Twitter is definitely my favorite for both engagement and exposure!

      xo a

  3. I couldn't have given better tips myself! I agree with every single one of them. Great post :) xxx

    Melina |

  4. Awesome tips. Some I could be doing more of, need to get on it. Thanks

  5. Thanks for the great tips. Still new on the blogging world and learning 1 step at time

    1. There's so much to learn when it comes to blogging, and it's an ongoing learning process, but its all part of the journey!

      xo a

  6. Thanks for this. I think I sort of joined twitter for the support, but now realise a lot more about its power to drive traffic to my site as well! The support has always been amazing though, and for sure I would have given up or faltered if it wasn't there!
    Thanks for all of the advice in this article, I'm going to start getting a bit more serious about scheduling now.