My Christmas Wishlist

It's the most wonderful time of the year's officially the holiday season! Tree decorating, family gatherings, and gift giving will be all around us and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little excited.

And to kick the holiday season off, I'm sharing my own Christmas Wishlist! 

P.S. I'm in no way expecting to receive the items on this list as Christmas gifts. I just genuinely love reading these types of posts and I thought I'd do one of my own, featuring the products I currently need in my life! 

Oh, and if you're feeling extra generous this holiday season, feel free to buy me any of the items listed below! (Obviously a bad joke...or is it?!?)

My Christmas Wishlist 

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1. Ring Light 

The days are short, like the sun literally goes down at like 4 PM which is a total bummer. Not only does that seasonal depression hit like a bitch, but it also means there's less time to take blog photos. Whether it's flatlays or makeup shots, natural light works best and there's really nothing worse than photos that look like they have a yellow tone, (which is typically how they turn out when trying to take photos using your regular house lights). There's also nothing worse than spending an hour+ on makeup only to have your photos turn out like shit. 
That's why this ring light is number one on my list. I'm usually rushing to bulk-take a bunch of blog photos on the weekends, ya know when I actually get the chance to use natural lighting, and not only is that extremely time-consuming and limiting, it also means that if it decides to rain on the weekends, I'm fucked. 

2. New Laptop

Now don't get me wrong, the one I currently have gets the job done, but it's starting to run a little slow, which is unacceptable when you're constantly using your computer for blogging. The ideal laptop would be cute, sleek for travel, have tons of storage, and plenty of capabilities to make blogging so much easier. A girl can dream, right?

3. UGG Boots 

Call me basic all you want, but ya girl lives in these things during the winter, and you can never have too many! Nothing feels as good as a pair of warm and cozy Ugg boots. They're the best for just slipping on when you have to run errands or for those "lazy days". 

4. James Charles Palette 

I've recently fallen in love with using bright and fun colors in makeup looks. As soon as I saw this palette released I've been wanting it, but between it selling out in 4.5 seconds and me being broke af, it's gonna have to sit on my wishlist for now! (Insert crying emoji here).

5. Smashbox Holidaze Be Legendary Lipstick & Mattifier Set

When I found out about this collab I think I screamed. I love Jen Stark's art and Smashbox has been a long-time favorite brand of mine. I've never tried any of the Be Legendary Lipsticks yet but I've heard amazing things and these shades are gorgeous, plus it comes with a mattfier which means I can turn any of these lipsticks matte if I want, (and I want). 

6. Dose of Colors Desi x Katy Friendcation Eyeshadow Palette

Would it be bad if I said I only want this palette for the shade "Churro"? I mean, how could I not? But really, pretty eyeshadow shades + a few I don't currently have in my collection + all positive reviews + a shade named Churro = a need!  

7. Tatcha Skincare

I'm really not even sure if I'll be able to use Tatcha products, my skin is super sensitive and I've never used any before, BUT I've heard they're amazing for all skin types so I'd like to give them a try. Also, have you seen this packaging?! Literally nothing prettier! 

8. New Pair of Running Shoes 

I've recently got back into working out and my love for it couldn't be stronger! I already have a pair of Nike running shoes, but I think I'm ready for a new pair! I'm seriously loving the Free RN 2018 shoe, color: grey. So sleek, so stylish.

9. Warm Winter Jacket 

If you know me, you know I literally despise the winter (and cold weather in general), and living in New York, I unfortunately have to deal with it for like half the year. What better way to make the winter *slightly* more bearable than a super warm jacket? I've got my eyes on the North Face Metropolis II Hooded Down Parka because it looks like the cutest and warmest jacket I could find! 

10. Blogging Planner

I'm currently working on taking my blog to the next level, (hint: turning it into my full-time job), and having a blogging planner will definitely help. I'm eyeing this one from Bloom Daily Planners because it's pretty, durable, and has the most visually pleasing and functional layout! 

I love reading wishlists!

What's on yours?


  1. A new light is on my Christmas list too! I usually have to take photos at night and the lighting in my house is so yellow!

  2. Can I now bite off this list? I really want at least 1/2!!

  3. That blogging planner looks amazing! I want to add it to my wishlist too. Thanks for introducing me to it :D

  4. Yes girl! I want the James Charles palette so bad! Shipping to Canada from Morphe is so expensive though

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