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Welcome to the Best Of Drugstore Series! 

A huge part of my blog is providing reviews and information on a variety of beauty products, across multiple price points, so that everyone can feel beautiful no matter how much money they have in the bank. 

The Best of Drugstore Series features posts about specific drugstore brands and the must have products from each one. Each post contains mini reviews on the drugstore products every beauty lover, old or new, needs in their collection. It makes finding makeup, that's both affordable and great, much easier. 

Hopefully with this series, you'll be able to start up, or add to, your makeup collection with affordable and high quality products!

The Best Of Drugstore Makeup | The Best Of WetnWild

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WetnWild is nothing short of an iconic drugstore brand. Best known for the brand most makeup newbies started with back in the day, (remember raccoon eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, and all the sparkly lip gloss), but also known for being a brand that not only produces affordable makeup, but makeup that can compete with other brands' that are priced three times higher. 

WetnWild opens the door for makeup lovers everywhere to have the opportunity to use products that are beautiful, perform well, and are affordable. 

While most of WetnWild's products are amazing, I created a list of all of their must-haves, so you can avoid the duds. These products are perfect for anyone to use and they all make a wonderful addition to any makeup collection.

WetnWild PhotoFocus Foundation 

The WetnWild PhotoFocus Foundation is currently the best affordable foundation you can buy at the drugstore. It's not overly matte or dewy, instead it gives skin that flawless, slightly matte finish. It's perfect for any skin type, with 20 shades ranging from light to dark. (Although, they could have a larger shade selection, hopefully WetnWild will release more!).

Besides only having 20 shades, the only other downsides to this foundation are the weird smell, (if you've used this foundation before, you know what I'm talking about), and it has this weird stick applicator thing that doesn't exactly serve a purpose. (Unless it does, help a bitch out and let me know what it's supposed to be for!).

Bottom line though, this foundation performs well and it's affordable. Making it a staple product in any beauty lover's makeup collection. 

WetnWild MegaGlo Highlighting Powders

You're probably like girl, stop talking about these highlighters, and I'm all like no. I don't think I'll ever stop talking about these highlighters. (I've talked about them in my Best Drugstore Highlighters post and my Holy Grail Products post). 

These highlighters are pigmented, easy to apply, and gorgeous on the skin. There's also a variety of shades to choose from including staple neutrals to achieve a natural glow, and more colorful shades to create looks that are bold and daring. 

WetnWild PhotoFocus Concealer

The WetnWild PhotoFocus Concealer provides full coverage, guaranteed to hide even the darkest of circles. It blends easily and looks natural, and it stays in place all day. 

This concealer has 14 shades, that are a variety of both light and dark shades, but hopefully they'll expand the shade selection to offer even more beauty lovers the opportunity to have affordable, full coverage concealer!

WetnWild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes

The WetnWild ColorIcon Eyeshadow Palettes come in two sizes. They have their quads, which offer 4 shades, and their 10 pan palettes. 

The quads have 4 colors in each palette with a variety of shades in each. Some of the quads provide fans of neutral colors and some have bold colors for those who like to experiment with color. These quads are also less than $3, making them a steal! 

The 10 pan palettes(obviously), have 10 shades in each palette. Each palette offers a selection of both mattes and shimmers, that all work well together, giving you the ability to create countless perfect looks effortlessly. 

The quality of both the quads and the 10 pan palettes is the same which is, in short, fucking incredible. They're pigmented, blendable, and easy to work with. There are also so many different palettes to choose from, making the shade selection something that caters to every makeup lovers preferences.

WetnWild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks

Easy application, plenty of product, and a range of shades to choose from, makes the WetnWild Liquid Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks another essential in any beauty lover's collection. 

This line of liquid lipsticks has a variety of shades including mattes, metallics, bright and fun colors, and the perfect nudes. All of the shades have so much pigmentation, go on evenly, and last. The mattes aren't overly drying too!  

WetnWild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner

If you're not using these lip liners, wyd? Seriously, they're amazing. (And another product featured in my Holy Grail Products post).

The WetnWild Perfect Pout Lip Liners go on smoothly and they're so pigmented, (and not drying at all), that you can use them as an all over lip color. The shape of the liner makes it easy to line your lips with precision, especially in those hard to line places like the cupid's bow and inner corners.

WetnWild Essential Brushes

WetnWild has a full line of face and eye brushes, (two lines actually, they also have a line of Pro Brushes that are gorgeous!). The Essential brushes cost less than $3 each, but they perform so well, comparable to some higher end ones. You definitely need the flat top foundation brush and the crease brushes. (No joke, I buy a new crease brush every single time I'm at the drugstore because I love them so much). 

Do you agree with this list?
What are your favorite products from WetnWild?


  1. I absolutely love love love wet n wild lipsticks!! Some of them are very pigmented! I have yet to try any foundation or concealer. Awesome round up!

    Erica Raquel

    1. Aren't they amazing?! So pigmented and SO affordable! You've got to try the foundation and the concealer, they're both absolutely wonderful!

  2. I love Wet n Wild and so glad that it's easily available in the UK now. The highlighters are my fave, they build so nicely and leave a beautiful finish xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. YAY! So glad you guys can get it over there! And I feel ya on the highlighters, they're my all time fav EVER.

      xo a

  3. Hey Ali @varietytales here again. Great post btw. I love drugstore makeup, so learning more about great drugstore products/brands just makes makeup shopping more exciting. I've come across the wetnwild brand but i've only purchased lip gloss. Overall, I'd like to see how the products you mention work for me. Great review!

    Stephanie Jay | Variety Tales:

    1. Oh girl, you need to try more WetnWild. I'm honestly always impressed with the quality of their products! (:

      xo a

  4. I love wet n wild!!! I always get excited wit their new release/launch! Love everything that you curated here! x

    Mari |

  5. I love them! I bought their whole Fergie collection a while back and their highlighters...damn! You can talk about them all you want! I recently got their luminous primer for my stepdaughter and she loves it

    1. Right?! I will probably never stop talking about how amazing their highlighters are!

      xo a