Hey ya'll! I'm Alexandra Quinlann & you can totally call me Ali if you want. I'm a 90s baby, born and raised in NY, with some cliche West Coast dreams. I'm obsessed with the smell of pickles, constantly craving churros, and I may or may not eat way too many chicken nuggets. 
Welcome to my little place on the internet! Here I write about anything and everything that interests me such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle and little bits and pieces of my life. 
Always an avid writer, (hello I won the best writer award in 5th grade), and lover of everything pretty, I decided to give the blogging thing a go and well, here I am!

If I'm not obsessing over makeup and fashion, you can probably find me geocaching, listening to pop punk on repeat, or watching DragonBall Z. 

Want to stay updated on my posts? Follow me on social media! Want to send me some memes? Slide into my DMs. 

Instagram: @alii.grigonis
Twitter: @heyitsaliquinn

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